my top 50 all time favorite kitchen tips!

While I’ve been blogging for just about 10 years, I’ve been cooking and baking for over 30 years.

And I’ve learned a trick or two along the way…………

I’ve been noting these past few weeks how many of you are cooking and baking more – and it’s GREAT. Like any skill, the more you do it the better you’ll get, and if you come out of this strange time with more confidence in the kitchen (and some go-to recipes under your belt), that’s a “good thing” for sure.

I’ve already gathered up my fave dinner recipes, and easy treats to bake with the kids. For this post I thought I’d share every single tip, trick, hack and shortcut I’ve posted over the years, in one supersized post! It was also interesting for me to see how far my food photography has come, so forgive some of the meh photos – the tips are still good ones!

Let’s do this!


What do do with that can of tahini the minute you get it home.

The BEST way to roll out cookie dough, IMHO.

Fruity ice cubes are easy, pretty and use up all those random bits of fruit you sometimes have left over.

Fruity Ice Cubes l

The BEST way to cook bacon, IMHO.

Pretty up those cocktails and mocktails with easy citrus twists!

Vanilla is $$$$$ – here’s how to preserve it.

And here’s what to do with the scraped vanilla bean when you use it.

How to correctly measure nuts.

Don’t have the right pan for a recipe? Here’s how to substitute with what you have.

Is your baking soda/baking powder fresh? Here’s how to tell.

The BEST way to freeze fruit, IMHO.

How I always store my butter.

Don’t toss those strawberry tops!

How to Make Strawberry Water l

What you should always read when considering a recipe.

Cake still warm but you’re ready for bed? Here’s what to do.

My #1 fave tip – how to slice a pint of cherry tomatoes in a flash.

How to care for a cast iron skillet.

What to do with your berries as soon as you get them home.

How to deal with rock-hard brown sugar.

Put leftover pizza in your…………

The coolest mason jar hack in all the land.

Don’t toss those potato peels!

How to halve a recipe that calls for 3 eggs.

How to Halve a Recipe With 3 Eggs l

How to keep your dry ingredients from flying out of your mixer.

Mess-free cupcake pans!

Don’t toss those apple peels!

Make an apple “to go”.

How to store that leftover ginger (because there’s ALWAYS leftover ginger)

How damp hands can make many tasks go more easily.

A cute way to freeze herbs.

How to Freeze Herbs l

How to keep your bowl from slipping while mixing ingredients.

Mess-free measuring.

10 ways to use kitchen tongs.

What you need to stock a proper baker’s pantry.

My favorite way to peel a mango.

How to properly prepare a baking pan.

How to make a parchment circle.

Yes you can freeze egg whites.

What a “chiffonade” is and how to make it.

A Perfect Cheese Board l

And ten more “how-tos”:

Make simple syrup.

Roast peppers.

Make a vinaigrette.

Make buttercream.

Roast vegetables.

Make perfect rice – white or brown.

Make perfect oven-baked chicken breasts.

Assemble a cheese board.

Make the crispiest chicken cutlets.

Make caramel.

WHEW! That was a lot! And they are all still viable, regardless of how old. I honestly refer to every single tip, all these years later. I’d LOVE to know if there are any on this list that you use, any you’d add to the list, and what your favorite kitchen tip is!

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