Gonna get a little geeky today.

But just a little.

How to Correctly Measure Chopped Nuts l sherisilver.com

While some people shy away from baking because it requires more precise measuring and general attention to detail, these are the qualities that make me love baking so very much.

As a self-proclaimed “slave to the recipe” I take comfort in knowing that there will be an orderliness to the process – which, if followed – will likely yield success.

That said, that “attention to detail” I just mentioned? It goes beyond just the mixing, pouring and baking – but how you read the recipe too. Taking a minute to review a recipe – a few times even, if it’s a new one – will ensure that you have all your ingredients ready, pan(s) prepped, and a good grip on how to proceed.

Which leads me to today’s tip – which involves a comma.

Yes. A comma.

As in:

“One cup walnuts, chopped” vs. “One cup chopped walnuts”

Now at first glance these two instructions might look the same – but they’re not. And if you’ve ever wondered what the difference is (and don’t deny it, you know you have), here you are!

In the first case – “one cup walnuts, chopped” – you would put your walnuts (or pecans, cashews, etc.) into your 1-cup measure. And then you would chop them. Like this:

How to Correctly Measure Chopped Nuts l sherisilver.com

In the second case – “one cup chopped walnuts” – you would chop the nuts FIRST, and keep adding them to your measuring cup till you reach 1 cup. Like this:

How to Correctly Measure Chopped Nuts l sherisilver.com

It might seem a nit-picky detail but depending on the ingredient – and how finely you chop it – you could wind up with a difference of between 20 and 25% between the two.

I told you I was going to get geeky.

Now get chopping (and baking)! And don’t forget to prep your ingredients, read the comments and test your baking powder!

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