You’re doing it wrong.

Peeling mangoes, that is.

Is it me, or are mangoes one of the more annoying fruits to prep? First, you’ve got that awkwardly shaped, gigantic pit to contend with. And then there’s the peel – I can never seem to find just the right tool to use to get as much of the fruit off as possible, and wind up with too much waste.

No longer.

easiest way to peel a mango

This is by far the easiest and most efficient way to peel a mango that I’ve come across – and I think you’ll agree! All you need is a sharp knife and a drinking glass.

easiest way to peel a mango

Simply cut the fruit away from the pit as you normally would.

Then, position one short end of the fruit at the edge of the glass – wedging the rim between the fruit and the peel. Holding the glass steady with your free hand, slide the fruit down the side of the glass, pressing firmly but gently on the peel so that the fruit remains intact and separates easily.

easiest way to peel a mango

easiest way to peel a mango

Repeat with the remaining pieces.

And there you have it! Your mango is peeled, clean and ready to chop and use in a recipe or eat as a snack.

easiest way to peel a mango

This is my go-to mango salsa recipe – I’ve been making it forever. It’s super easy, delicious and goes with everything – pork, seafood, chicken, you name it. Simply toss your diced mango with 2 T. finely chopped red onion, 1/4 t. grated lime zest, 1 t. lemon juice and 2 T. chopped mint leaves. Season with salt to taste and let stand for a few hours to let flavors meld (recipe from Gourmet Magazine).

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