Image Credit: Ashley Sears Photography

Hi! I’m Sheri Silver. I was born and raised in Brooklyn and have lived for the last 30 years in Westchester County, New York – about 30 minutes north of Manhattan. I share a sweet old house with my husband Mike, son Noah (age 10 as I write this post), and rescue pup Sidney. My 2 older children – Chelsea, 27 and Conor, 22 – live in Manhattan. Chelsea works full-time in the fashion industry and Conor is finishing up college there, majoring in Game Design.

After having a surprise baby at the age of 44 – when I was on the brink of planning for my looming next chapter as an empty nester – I buckled down and got back into the business of new motherhood (after a decade+). I maintained my landscape design business (because who could start something new with all this??), and figured that “next chapter” was now a long way away. Starting the blog was a low-key way to give an outlet to my creative passions without upending my business or personal obligations. A lark, really, just something to dabble in and have fun with.

Well we all know what happened next

In the last seven years the blog has BECOME the business and personal obligation, and has opened doors, created opportunities, and really most importantly has shown me that there can ALWAYS be a next chapter. It’s just not always the chapter you thought it would be. And – in my case anyway – I think it turned into an even better one:

I’ve created a body of written work – both here and on some major publications – that I am very proud of.

I’ve embraced the art of food photography and have had the honor seeing my photographs featured in so many places – and even purchased for use in some pretty cool campaigns.

I’ve been inspired to seek out and explore all kinds of delicious food, cultural events and one-of-a-kind shops to experience for myself and with my family (and then share with all of you!).

I’ve met a circle of women from all over the country who I count as friends, mentors, collaborators and commiserators. Smart, crazy-talented, professional women, whose writing and photography set the bar ever higher for me on a daily basis.

I’ve created a place to share my trials and heartaches through divorce, and the struggles and challenges of raising a child with a very rare neurological disorder. And have received a TON of support appreciation in return.

And I’ve had to flex new muscles. Muscles that have prompted me to take up – at age 53 – the electric guitar. Muscles that have marked a return to therapy – to do the REALLY hard work that I’ve been avoiding for decades. Muscles that have proven to me that there is always room to be better for those around me – but that it has to start with being better for me, first.

Blogging is hands down the most frustrating and challenging job I’ve ever had – and not a week goes by when I don’t dream about quitting. But for now I can honestly say that it is also the most rewarding, and I will continue to do it as long as it still feels right, genuine and FUN.



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