The best way to roll cookie dough? Also the easiest.

You’ll notice that of all the many many cookie recipes I have on this blog, there is hardly a mention of rolled and cut cookies.

It’s because I really don’t enjoy making them. And since there are literally thousands of recipes that don’t require breaking out my rolling pin, I never find the need to go there.

THAT said, it’s holiday time – and it seems like even the most reluctant bakers are firing up their ovens and baking cookies. The most popular being…………..rolled and cut.

So let me share with you the ONLY way you should be rolling and cutting your cookies. And it’s a good one – one that I’ve been using for years, on that rare occasion that I actually roll and cut cookies.

The Best Way To Roll Cookie Dough l

You’ve probably noticed that almost every rolled and cut cookie recipe has you divide the dough into 2 discs, and refrigerate the discs prior to rolling. Which means that you are now dealing with 2 rock-hard discs of dough that have to (eventually) soften enough for you to roll them out. Which I find totally annoying.

What you SHOULD do is divide the dough into 2 discs, put each disc between sheets of parchment paper and roll them out right away. You can then chill the dough or even freeze it till ready to use. And not only will the dough be ready to cut, it will take much less time to soften AND will cut out beautifully.

It’s such a simple and easy change but makes all the difference.

So get rolling (and baking!)

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The Best Way To Roll Cookie Dough l

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