So we’ve got dinner covered.

And we’re baking with the kids.

Now let’s make things!

Things to Make l

Any long time reader on this blog knows that I’m not much for crafting – I’m more “craft adjacent”. I don’t sew or knit, and don’t own a Cricut or laminating machine (though I covet the former).

I like easy crafts that look appealing and can be made with household or easily ordered items. And I was pleasantly surprised at how many of these I had gathered over the years!

Salt Dough – so easy and versatile, a perennial crowd pleaser.

Seed Bombs – perfect for Earth Day, and for the 10,000 walks you’re taking every day.

Bird Seed Hearts – sweet and easy.

Flubber – can we ever have enough?

Clementine Votives l

Placemats – take those class valentines and make a cute keepsake!

Cupcake Cones – cause everything tastes better in a cone.

Seed Paper – kids go nuts for this one.

Craft Caddy – if everyone is spread out all over the house, this easy caddy keeps things portable and in-place.

Paper Cones – fun to fill with flowers or candies and hang outside a neighbor’s door!

Homemade Rose Soap l

Sugar Scrubs – so easy to make and can be scented with whatever you like – we’ve got rose, lavender, orange and cinnamon but the sky’s the limit!

Envelope Template – sending cards to friends and loved ones? Use any paper you have lying around to make a fun envelope to mail them in!

Crayon Vase – dress up a tin can with this charming little DIY.

Heart Egg – because even breakfast can use a boost.

DIY Soap – easy, fun and completely customizable!

Crayon Vase l

Clementine Votive – one of my personal faves.

Paper Pots – another easy craft for Earth Day, and looks pretty cool too!

Paper Cupcake Liners – run out of cupcake liners? You can make your own with parchment paper!

Orange Bird Feeder – one of the easiest, yet happy-making crafts you can make!

Have fun and please let me know what you make! 🙂

Plantable Paper Pots

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