paper cones are a sweet way to gift a little “something”!

What seems like forever ago – but was really just like 1 or 2 weeks – I wanted to drop some baked goods off for a few friends.

And now I’m not supposed to leave my house. So those baked goods are in my freezer.

But I still wanted to drop things off, so I decided that May Day would come early this year.

How to Make a Paper Cone l

May Day started back in the 19th century, when people would wrap flowers in paper and hang them on friends’ and neighbors’ doors as a way to welcome the warm weather. It’s traditionally celebrated on May 1st, but honestly? We need May Day NOW – and I love making paper cones.

Paper cones are seriously easy, and can be made from any scrap of paper you have lying around! Here’s how:

Cut a piece of paper to any size square – I made these 7″.

How to Make a Paper Cone l

Turn the square so one point is on top, then punch 3 holes along the right and left sides (about 1″ apart; it doesn’t have to be exact). Glue, staple or tape the cone to keep it intact.

How to Make a Paper Cone l

Weave a piece of string, twine or yarn through the holes, and leave some slack in the back for hanging.

How to Make a Paper Cone l

And there you have it! Add a tag if you like, then fill with flowers, candies, small toys, even some budding branches from your yard. This is a perfect activity to do with the kids (because they’re STILL HOME), and will truly brighten someone’s day.

Because we can ALL use a little brightening right now, don’t you think?

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How to Make a Paper Cone l

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