this easy nature mobile is perfect for Earth Day!

Earth Day is this Wednesday! And since we’re not getting outside much these days – AND we need ALLTHETHINGS to keep little (and big) hands occupied more than ever – I’m delighted to share this easy mobile, which brings the outside in!

Nature Mobile l

I love this craft so much because it’s simple, inexpensive and takes advantage of whatever you can find outside. Here in New York not much is growing or in bloom yet, and we were still able to find enough variety to fill our creations. It’s perfect for all ages and it basically cannot be messed up – it will look beautiful and unique no matter what!

Nature Mobile l

Nature Mobile l

Nature Mobile l

Here’s what you’ll need:

Nature Mobile

Plant cuttings
Air dry clay (any kind will work!)
A rolling pin or smooth bottle
Assorted cookie cutters
Chopstick, straw, or pencil
A long, sturdy stick
Twine, cord, ribbon or yarn
Acrylic paints, watercolors or markers

Break off a chunk of clay and roll it out to about 1/4″ thickness. Cut out shapes using your cookie cutters.

Place your plant cuttings on your cut out shapes and gently press in to adhere. Use your rolling pin to gently go over the cuttings; this will leave the impressions on your shapes. Peel off the plants.

Use the chopstick to poke a hole in each of the shapes and let dry – I like to let them dry on a wire rack so that the air circulates evenly on top and bottom, but you can also just flip the shapes periodically.

When your shapes are completely dry, you can color or paint them as desired. Use your twine to attach the shapes to your twig, and cut another piece of twine long enough to hang the mobile from wherever you choose.

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Nature Mobile l

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