Monday is June 1st and my first “capsule” is almost over. And I cannot WAIT to wear some new clothes!

While I originally opted to do a 2-month capsule (versus 3, as Caroline does) to prevent getting overwhelmed, it turned out to be the right call for sure. There’s no way I would want to go another month with the same stuff. In addition, it’s gotten way hot this last week, and I definitely need some more warm-weather options.

I went into this experiment with an open mind, prepared to continue or shut it down after the first round – depending on how things went. And I’m definitely continuing (click to read more on what I’ve learned about living with less).  The simplicity alone has been the biggest benefit.

I’ve made a few purchases for the upcoming season, and found myself making more mindful and careful decisions than ever before. Knowing that I would have fewer options to choose from, I really questioned each potential item – for versatility, timelessness and crush-worthiness. If there was any hesitation I put it right back.

I’ll be sharing my j/j15 capsule with you all next week, but for now I thought I’d share some other blogs devoted to this topic!

Harben is one of my new favorite bloggers – I love her style and really love the way she shares the challenges of creating a pulled-together wardrobe out of a tiny apartment (and a limited budget).

Project333 – I believe one of the first “capsule wardrobe” blogs, and one of the most thorough/helpful. A great place to start if you’re considering living with less!

Into Mind is a stunning blog that goes beyond the wardrobe, with all manner of posts devoted to living a more minimal life.

And how’s this for minimal: Matilda Kahl has worn the same outfit to work – every day – for the last three years.

Finally, some outfits from the end of the month:

AM15 capsule wardrobe

AM15 capsule wardrobe

AM15 capsule wardrobe

Have a great weekend!

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