Wow – this capsule wardrobe thing has really resonated – more than I anticipated!

I’ve had readers e-mailing me, friends chatting me up on the street and lots of Twitter and Instagram “liking” – seems that the concept of minimalist dressing (and a major closet purge) is something that a lot of you think a LOT about.

So how’s it going for me after about two weeks?

I’m loving it – and here’s what I’ve discovered so far:

Having a limited selection of clothes really suits me. I basically wear a variation on the same thing every day; this makes it more of a no-brainer (and less guilt over all the things I’m NOT wearing).

I’m relying more on accessories. Pulling out scarves and watches to add variety means that those items (which I love, but rarely wear) are getting more use.

I’m experimenting more. With different combinations – some more successful than others, but I’m enjoying the creative process.

I suck at layering. Really. You’ll see below the “simplicity” of every outfit is no coincidence. Tell me, layering mavens – how do you do it??

37 “may” actually be too much. Especially the shoes and bottoms. I can already tell that there are pieces I probably won’t be wearing. We’ll see.

And here’s a sampling of outfits:



We also had a quick, 3-day trip to Savannah last week – to visit Conor at college, and celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday. I was lucky that the weather down there was similar to what we’ve been having, and I pulled from my capsule with no problems. I’ve never packed more quickly – or more minimally. Here’s what I brought:


With these accessories:


leopard belt/orange belt/watch/bag/scarf

I feel like I haven’t even dipped into all the options I’ve pulled – and the first month is almost over!

More to come soon – have you tried this yet? How’s it going?

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