SO excited to be sharing my next capsule with you all – mainly because I’m thrilled to be wearing some new/different clothes!

This one only totaled out to 35 pieces (and even that felt like a lot as I look at it all), with a slightly different breakdown than the last capsule: tops (12), bottoms (8), shoes (8), dresses (5), jackets (2). I went with more dresses (because: summer!), which worked out great, as I needed fewer separates.

Having the experience of one capsule under my belt, I was able to be more discerning about just what I needed for this one. And – just like last time – turns out I need so much less than I actually own. My propensity for buying “doubles” of every basic, of buying the same item in multiple “colors” (a.k.a., white/black/gray), is a habit I’m set on breaking. So while I did make some new purchases, I bought “only” one of each – and really gave each one a lot of thought:

Can it span at least two seasons?

Can I dress it up or down?

Is it fashion forward, yet pretty timeless?

Is it different (or different enough) from what I already own (because: striped t-shirt)? Or, is it replacing an item that’s run its course (which is how those lovely silvery sandals made their way in)?

Ready to take a look (new purchases in bold)?

jja15 tops

gray v-neck tee/white v-neck tee/black muscle tee/white muscle tee
gray speckled tee/polka dot popover/gray knit top/striped tee
oversized white shirt/blue-red striped shirt/blue-white gingham shirt/fitted white shirt

jja15 bottoms new

white shorts/denim shorts
black linen skirt/white linen skirt
white wide leg pants/cropped jeans/white skinny jeans/gray slouchy pants

jja15 shoes

silver sandal/cognac open-toe clog/flat black sandal
brown leather Birkenstocks/black suede Birkenstocks
navy sneaker/tan-silver sandal/gray Converses

jja15 dresses

gingham wrap dress/denim shirt dress
pinstripe shirt dress/grid print shirt dress/striped t-shirt dress

jja15 jackets

cropped jean jacket/slouchy gray knit sweater

What do you think?

Almost one-third of the pieces are from the last capsule, and I’ve purged my closet yet again. I’ve also committed this one to the full three months; we’ll see how that goes!

As I’ll be sharing fewer outfit posts this time around (because: dress/sandal t-shirt/shorts), I’d like to leave you with this link to a post by lovely lovely Natalie (whose blog is where I first read about the capsule wardrobe). She’s decided that she is less about the “capsule” and more about the “uniform” – and if you love wardrobe philosophizing as much as I do you will enjoy this post (also because she’s so very stylish and funny as hell).

I’ve enjoyed meeting some of you capsulers on Instagram – keep tagging me and let me know if you’ve jumped on the bandwagon. How’s it going? What are your challenges?


  1. Sandra on June 4, 2015 at 10:28 am

    I covet that gingham wrap dress. The maker’s website is an open tab right now! I have to see if they’ll ship to Canada. Lovely…

    • sherisilver on June 4, 2015 at 2:32 pm

      They are WONDERFUL and I’m sure can whip you up a similar number! xo

  2. Sara on July 9, 2015 at 10:11 am

    Where oh where are the shorts from???

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