Happy December all!

I know that I said that my last capsule wardrobe post would be my LAST capsule wardrobe post.

But I wanted to touch base with some final-final thoughts, and – more importantly – some of my favorite style inspiration links.

In thinking about my December/January capsule – and looking at my drastically smaller wardrobe – it occurs to me that I pretty much have by default a capsule, in full, for every season.

Of course I “could” still pull 37 pieces for each 2-month period. But honestly? I don’t have much more than that anyway. And I think it’s because I’ve successfully re-booted not only the way I dress, but the way I shop too.

For example – looking at the next few months, I’ve bought all of four items – and two of them are replacing things that are either worn down or unflattering.

So these:
madewell sidewalk skimmer

Have been replaced by these:

top shop kingdom ghillie flats

And these so, so cute yet TOTALLY unflattering-on-me pants (which one of you can scoop up on Poshmark)?

madewell cropped sweatpants

Are now substituted by these:

j crew saturday pant

The third and fourth pieces:

madewell flannel shirt

hanna andersson stockholm pant

And that’s it for winter!

Back to those unflattering pants for a minute. One of the things that I’ve been using the capsule for is kind of a “last gasp” for items that I’m still attached to, yet know don’t have a proper place in my wardrobe. By making them part of the capsule it gives me two months to play around, style and accessorize, till I’m certain that they’re no longer wanted.

On to style inspiration!

In keeping with my “less is more” way of dressing now-and-hopefully-forever, I’m able to zero in on posts and sites that most closely replicate my style of dressing. This has been great for finding new ways to style, layer and accessorize the much-fewer items that I have to work with.

And you won’t be surprised to learn that most of my inspiration can be found on a little site I like to call “Madewell“.

For my beloved “tomboy” looks.

A fresh take on 70’s style.

How to layer like a BOSS.

And basically everything-that-is-me.

I am also a huge huge fan of Who What Wear, and am a BIG pinner of many of their posts. Two in particular that I love and refer to are the tuck-versus-tie-a-shirt post, and one that covers the basics that all fashionable moms should own (check, check and CHECK!).

Finally, some of my favorite outfits from the last few months:

on15 outfits5-8

on15 outfits9-12

How about you? Any more of you jump on the “capsule” bandwagon? What are some of your go-to pieces for winter?


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