Is it me, or was September, like 5 minutes long?? My last capsule was June/July/August, and yet – not only have I been wearing these same items for all of September too – I haven’t even thought of switching things up.

I guess there have been a number of factors at work here:

1. Back to school – did it kick your butt too? Between getting Conor off to college, getting Noah settled into (welp!) first grade and just switching gears from summer mode to school, I’ve barely had a chance to breathe.

2. Work – been so, so busy. Which has been great, needless to say. But again, not much time to focus on much else.

3. Weather – HOT! As recently as last week the weather’s been straight-up balmy, which does NOT make me crave my beloved sweaters and boots. Yet.

But truth is, as I think about my day-to-day since I started this capsule back in April, I am simply not thinking about clothes as much any more.


Seriously – it has now become habit to go into my closet, select from the current capsule, get dressed and get on with my day. I’m still happy with my options, and happier still with the lack of attention getting dressed is now getting from me.

This has even extended to my mind-set about shopping. Looking at the Madewell site was, previously, as much a part of my morning routine as my beloved iced coffee. And yet, as I look back at the past few months, I’ve “maybe” looked at it once or twice. Further, I’m not chomping at the bit to fill my shopping cart with tons of new items (okay, except “maybe” for those flaredoverallsareyoukiddingme?).

And while this is by no means earth-shattering news, it’s certainly significant to me.  It’s kind of like when you hear about people giving up sugar, and after a while not even craving it anymore.

Limiting my choices has left me feeling, strangely, MORE satisfied with my wardrobe and way more discerning about potential purchases.

And in pulling together my October/November capsule, I had two revelations:

1. I’m craving easy and comfort more than ever. If it’s fussy going on it will probably require fussing throughout the day. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

2. I hate belts.

And that’s about it. Seriously.

Which leads me to believe that I’ve said all there is to say about the #capsulewardrobe. It’s a concept that really worked for me, and one that I can see using for the foreseeable future. I’ve met some lovely new-to-me bloggers through this process, and can count three good friends IRL who have taken the plunge (one even created capsules for her kids!). But more than an occasional capsule share here and there I don’t see happening.

So here goes my possibly-last-time-ever-on-this-blog O/N15 capsule (new purchases in bold)!

o/n15 capsule wardrobe tops2

colorblock sweater/v-neck twist knit sweater
oversized chambray shirt/fitted white shirt/fitted white shirt
oversized white shirt/fitted chambray shirt

o/n15 capsule wardrobe tops

gray long sleeve tee/white long sleeve tee/gray-white striped slouchy top
black-white striped tee/black-white check shirt/slouchy gray knit sweater
printed blouse/navy-white striped shirt

o/n15 capsule wardrobe bottoms

matchstick jean/black legging jean/dark wash legging jean
cropped sweatpant/gray moto sweatpant/black pixie pant
flared jean/cropped jean

o/n15 capsule wardrobe shoes

gray Vans/gray Converses
leopard print skimmers/black suede skimmers
black sling back clogs/brown oxfords
cognac ankle boots/black clogs/tan suede ankle boots

o/n15 capsule wardrobe dress

black sweater dress

o/n15 capsule wardrobe jackets

jean jacket/faux fur vest
trench/leather jacket

And some outfits – because why the hell not?

on15 outfits1-4

See you in December! Maybe……


  1. Karen on October 6, 2015 at 8:18 am

    Sheri, do you find that you “wear out” your clothing more quickly, since there is less of it? That could be good, because it would give you opportunities to buy new things and get rid of the old. I have not made it to capsule stage. I’ve been prolonging the purge stage, trying to KonMari but not without a struggle!

    • sherisilver on October 6, 2015 at 12:31 pm

      Ironically, no – at least no more than before, as I was pretty much pulling from the same few things. The main difference now is that I’m not feeling guilty about all the items I’m NOT wearing! Win-Win. That said, white shirts do show their age after a while, so what I tried for this capsule was to have 2 in rotation to prolong their shelf-life…

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