leaf place cards are what you need on your Thanksgiving table!

You’ve got a project this weekend – but you’ll have these adorable leaf place cards at the end of it!

Leaf Place Cards l sherisilver.com

As I’ve mentioned, we are home this Thanksgiving – my parents are coming up and we’ll be a smallish crowd like I’m sure most of you will be too. And as we are not having our annual holiday party, Thanksgiving is kind of “it” for me in terms of at-home festivities of any kind.

So I’ll be putting up the garland and string lights in November, baking and cooking up a storm and setting a pretty table.

Leaf Place Cards l sherisilver.com

Which is where these leaf place cards come in.

Leaf Place Cards l sherisilver.com

And they couldn’t be easier – if you start this weekend they’ll be ready by Turkey Day!

Simply gather the freshest leaves you can find (ideally snipped off the tree itself or newly fallen). Submerge in a mixture of water and glycerin for about a week and you’ve got place cards!

Leaf Place Cards l sherisilver.com

You can try this with larger branches containing multiple leaves but I’ve not had great success with that (let me know if you do, and if you have any tips to share!)

Leaf Place Cards l sherisilver.com

I played around with a few types of markers and found that chalk markers work best – I went over each name twice to make them stand out.

I’ll be stalking Pinterest over the next few weeks to gather some more table decor inspo – how do you set your table?

Leaf Place Cards l sherisilver.com

Leaf Place Cards

vegetable glycerin
fresh leaves
2 shallow pans (I like to use the disposable aluminum ones, which often come in a handy set of 2)
a baking sheet to catch any drips
cans or other weights to keep the leaves submerged

chalk markers, for creating place cards

Place one of the pans on your baking sheet. Mix 2 parts water to 1 part glycerin and pour into the pan Add your leaves, keeping to a single layer as best as possible, and top with the other pan. Place the cans on top and keep submerged for about a week. Remove the leaves and blot dry – they will be soft and supple and retain their color. Use chalk markers to add names for place cards.

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This delicious recipe brought to you by Sheri Silver

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