DIY room spray is super easy, smells heavenly and makes a lovely gift!

So if you read last week’s essential oils post and are here today – yay! You came back! I was super nervous but I got SUCH positive response from the post, and many of you wanted to know more. I’m excited!

One of the biggest goals I have for our family this year is to eliminate as many toxic products as possible from our home, and replace them with safer, healthier alternatives. I wasn’t just talking the talk in my post; I am 100% committed to doing this – and to sharing my process along the way, in the hopes that we can make these changes together!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I started planning for the treats I wanted to make and share. But truthfully? I’ve become increasingly reluctant to give foodie gifts these days. This started over the holidays, when I found myself making a separate batch of cookies for someone with a dairy-allergy, and yet another for a gluten-free friend. It got me thinking about all of Noah’s teachers and coaches – and their families. And how many treats might be off-limits for various reasons. I started feeling really uncomfortable, and sad too – I’ve been giving my homemade baked goods for almost 30 years, yet the last thing I’d want to do is give a gift that couldn’t be fully enjoyed – or shared – by the recipient.

But times are different and I’ve decided to expand my options to include more non-food gifts going forward. And this lovely DIY room spray is a perfect example of how you can simply and easily make a switch to a better-for-you product – that also makes a wonderful gift!

DIY Room Spray l

Air fresheners – whether spray, solid, or plug-in – appear regularly in most “things you should ditch from your home” lists. And for good reason. I was quite bummed when I checked on my go-to room spray and saw that it got a solid “C” on the EWG site.

But a little research revealed how easy it is to make your own spray – so I decided to whip up a batch to give to Noah’s teachers this year!

DIY Room Spray l

February is THE WORST in New York – gray, grim, yuck. So I picked two of my favorite oils, which – in addition to smelling heavenly when combined – carry some nice benefits too:

Lavender: has balancing properties that promote feelings of calm for the mind and body.

Lemon: has a bright, clean aroma that supports focus and motivation.

Noah named it “Sunshine Spray” and I couldn’t agree more – it’s like bottled sunshine (though I did slip in the word “Room” just to be clear!).

DIY Room Spray l

Needless to say I’m now obsessed, and have already gathered several more “recipes” that I can’t wait to try (and share with you)!

DIY Room Spray l


DIY Room Spray (see Notes, below)
instructions courtesy of Nesting With Grace

2-ounce glass spray bottle (do not use plastic as it is not compatible with lemon oil)
12 drops Lavender essential oil
12 drops Lemon essential oil
1 1/2 teaspoons vodka or witch hazel
distilled water

ribbon and gift tag

Place the oils and vodka in your bottle. Add the cap and shake to combine. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with the distilled water and shake again. Add ribbon and tag; be sure to include instructions to shake before each use!

You can double or even triple this recipe; just size up the bottle and ingredients accordingly.
Why vodka/witch hazel? They help the oil bind to the water and make the fragrance last longer once sprayed.

(print this recipe)

This delicious recipe brought to you by Sheri Silver

Want to learn more about essential oils? Start with this post, or read about the Premium Starter Kit to see how easy it is to get started!

DIY Room Spray l

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