Oh hey, favor-“ette”! It’s been a while…..

So I gathered up three new ones for you – you know, to make up for lost time.

a favor-ette update

First up?

Dry shampoo.

I know – I already wrote about dry shampoo a while back.

But here’s the thing – the longer I write this blog, the more edits I want/need to make to older posts.

Sometimes it’s an amendment to a recipe. Either I’ve found a better/easier way to make it, or a reader has written in with a variation that I just have to share, or I want to add more pictures for clarification.

Other times a shop or restaurant I’ve written about has closed. Or I’ve found a new spot to add to an old round-up (stay tuned for this one!)

And in the case of favor-“ette”, I always want to let you know if I’ve found a new, better version of a previously shared favorite, or a replacement for an item that’s been discontinued.

Let’s get started!

Presenting my new FAVORITE dry shampoo:

dove refresh dry shampoo

Many of you loved the dry shampoo I wrote about a few years back. In particular, you loved that it was a powder, not an aerosol. But for me, the whole powder thing became a nuisance after a while. Messy, wasteful, and too costly for a repeat purchase (though I’ll admit that it did last a long time).

I decided to go back to my trusty spray can, and tried a few brands before reading an article claiming this one to be a fave of many stylists. The price was almost too good to be true so I gave it a shot. And at about $6.00 a bottle this is the best dry shampoo I’ve tried yet.

Here’s how I use it: if I need to touch up my hair with the blower I do that first. I then put my hair up in a high bun and spray all over my head, concentrating along the hairline. I take the hairband out, flip my head over and vigorously work the product through with my fingers. This magically absorbs all excess oil, provides nice volume, and smells great. I’m hooked.

Next up?

I am a big fan of no-show socks (a.k.a., “shoe liners”). They provide a bit of warmth, make stiff shoes that look better sockless way more comfortable and they save wear and tear on my pedicures! SO I was bummed to discover, that when I was down to my last pair and needed to re-order, that Muji no longer carried the socks I wrote about here. But I’m happy to say I found these liners, which are “almost” as good:

hue no-show liners

I say “almost” because they are not as low-cut as the Muji liners. I have to fuss with them a bit to make sure they don’t show on certain pairs of shoes. That said, they appear to be of slightly better quality and are super comfortable.


Let’s talk about sweat, baby.

I decided long ago to swear off aluminum-based antiperspirants. I wear too much white and the rust stains were getting to me. I decided to just deal with the fact that I perspire occasionally, and started using the deodorant that accompanied the fragrance I’ve been wearing for 25 years.

I then came across a blog post declaring this to be the best deodorant EVER.

native deodorant

Again, ever a sucker for packaging (and an introductory discount), I placed an order for a two-pack. And I LOVE it. This product really works, and smells fresh and clean without clashing with my fragrance. I am a convert, and think you will love it too. I also appreciate the fact that Native deodorant is free of aluminum and parabens.

Any recent favorite finds you care to share? Please do – and let me know if you try any of these!

All my favor-“ettes”? Right here!


  1. Shalagh on June 8, 2017 at 4:33 pm

    Yay Sheri,
    I was just thinking about how I love your life and cooking tid-bits yesterday and here was one in my in-box. I went right ahead and ordered that deodorant. Dared the grapefruit and bergamot flavor. and then threw the travel size in the coconut and vanilla in for the heck of it. Alas my age has depleted my hair of excess oils and I’m not sure I have shoes cool enough for the footies but I do know that I will be revisiting your post on how to apply spray tan!
    Much love and hoping you’re settling in to your new life?

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