While amassing pins and links for this month’s “crushed/crushing” post, I noticed a theme developing – all clothes, all from the waist down.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like my top situation is pretty static – button downs, tees, sweaters. But switching up the bottom half – especially when it comes to footwear – can give the simplest collection of shirts a brand new look.

Here are my current crushes!

Crushed: Flares are BACK, y’all – and I couldn’t be happier. I’m old enough to have seen this cut through several iterations, and even when they’ve been “out” I’ve always had at least one pair. There is something so effortlessly cool about a flared leg – and universally flattering too (not to mention so comfortable). This pair from Zara is perfection:

zara wide legged jeans

Crushing: Another blast from my past on all the Pinterest boards is the overall. Unlike my beloved flares I have not had a pair of overalls since my art school days (except for one unfortunate period when I owned a pair of “short-alls”. In white. ‘Nuff said.). But again it’s all in the styling – like this. And this. And ohmygodthis. So needless to say I have my eye on these:

zara overalls

Whadaya think?

Crushing: Shoes, shoes, shoes. Another “it” item that seems to be everywhere these days is the ubiquitous black Nike. I went so far as to order a pair – and loved them. But (for my wardrobe, anyway) the only way I could imagine wearing them was with a pair of leggings and a chunky sweater. A) too “winter-y” for the upcoming months, and B) too “one-note”. I really am trying to make purchases that can span several seasons – and several outfits.

nike free 5.0

But they’re so damn cool.

Crushing: Another pair that came and went (but may come back) are these open-toed booties. I found them on my new favorite blog, Unfancy (more on this lovely lady and my goal to create a “capsule wardrobe” coming up!). I would have never imagined myself liking these and yet Caroline styled them in a way that made me say “yes!” (or at least, “maybe?”). Anyway, when I got them home and tried them on with a few things, they were just not looking very “me”. I still heart them, though……..what do you think?

steve madden nonstp


Crushed: Let’s talk socks for a minute – or more specifically, not wearing them. I am firmly “Team No Socks”. Always have been. And yet there are times where the weather is just too cold – or the shoes are too uncomfortable (hello, oxfords!), to go without. Enter THESE lifesavers from Muji:

muji no show socks

I can’t tell you how much I love these socks. First of all, they are comfortable.  The front is padded, so even though the sock is thin, the ball of your foot is cushioned. Second, they are truly no-show. Even with my skimmers they are invisible. Finally (and probably my favorite feature), they do not fall off. Ever. The backs have little grips to keep them firmly up and on, so you’re not spending your day doing the flamingo to pick up a fallen sock that is now halfway under your foot.

Crushed: Have you ever heard of pedicure socks? Neither had I – until a few years ago when my mom passed along a pair that she had been gifted. They’re essentially toeless socks, and they are perfect for when you get a pedicure in the winter and have to run out to your car in flip flops. Such a small detail yet, yay!

pedi sox

And finally, a few links that I’ve been loving on lately:

The REAL Manhattan Subway map.

Hannah’s description of what it’s like to be transgender is simple, moving and perfect. A worthwhile watch.

Funny – yet accurate – rulebook for all your Netflix binge watching.

Want more? Check out  my “Crushed/Crushing” Pinterest board for all of my favorite finds!


  1. Sandra on March 19, 2015 at 10:11 am

    How I loved overalls that last time they were around…but this time? I love them but I don’t think I can pull them off any longer.

    Flares? All over that.

    Request – can you provide any recommendations for shoes that are good for walking around AND look great? Here at home and when I travel, I do a LOT of walking (the girl to school, the poodle, other). And I need something that is comfortable for longish distances that still looks good.

    Any ideas?

    PS You’ll look great in overalls…

  2. Carol Papalas on March 19, 2015 at 1:48 pm

    Yes, very cool! I can take my beautiful flared pants with matching sleeveless top out of the back of my closet.


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