When the weather dips to single digits (as it has in these parts of late), it’s time to get real.

Time to break out the coat-that’s-basically-a-comforter, the serious boots and – most importantly – a warm hat.

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I always thought it was an old wive’s tale that you lose heat through your head, but there has to be some merit to this because I swear I feel significantly warmer the minute I pop on a hat. And there are SO many cute options out there that I’ve accumulated quite a collection.

The problem? Hat hair.

If I actually wear my hat for function – that is, pulled down and over my ears – my hair becomes irrevocably flattened the moment I take it off.


But I came across a tip recently that actually works! The trick is to switch your part before you put on the hat. My part is on the left side of my head so I simply flip all the hair on my right side over to my left and then put on my hat. When I flip my hair back all of the volume is still there!

Got a center part? Pull your hair up into a top knot – that works too!

Need more cold weather fashion inspo? Read my post from a while back about how I stay stylish when the temps dip.

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  1. JillP on January 10, 2018 at 3:33 pm

    Um….thank you!!! Now I will wear that beautiful hat I have. xo

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