And…………………..we’re back!

I’ve been planning these for months, and am so excited to finally be sharing them with you all!

One of the nice things about doing this series for so long (can you believe this is my SIXTH summer of popsicles??) is that I can take bits and pieces of other pops to make a brand new recipe – without having to reinvent the wheel each time.

Case in point, these fluffernutter popsicles!

Fluffernutter Popsicles l

I wanted to take that classic peanut butter/marshmallow fluff combination to the next level, and I really think I nailed it – these pops are DELICIOUS.

I started with one of my fave popsicle bases – the cookie milkshake – and used Nutter Butter cookies (which you last saw in my peanut butter and jelly pops). That smooth creamy milkshake – studded with even more chopped cookies – was the perfect start.

I then layered the pops with torched mini marshmallows, the amazingness of which I discovered when I made that Milk Bar chocolate malt cake.

Fluffernutter Popsicles l

I knew I’d be finishing the pops with some torched fluff (a la my s’mores pops from last year), but I wanted one more peanut butter element.

May I introduce you to peanut butter magic shell?

Since I discovered that magic shell goes beyond plain chocolate – and can be turned into such lovely varieties as tahini and white chocolate – I’ve been playing with other flavors. And peanut butter may very well be my most favorite yet.

Fluffernutter Popsicles l

I think you are going to LOVE these popsicles and hope that you give them a try! And if you have any suggestions for this season’s pops, let me know!

Fluffernutter Popsicles l

Fluffernutter Popsicles

1 1/2 cups milk
1/2 cup heavy cream
2 tablespoons sugar
20 peanut butter sandwich cookies, divided
2 cups mini marshmallows
1/2 cup smooth peanut butter
1/4 cup refined coconut oil (I prefer refined so that there is no coconut taste to compete with the other flavors)
7-ounce (ish) container marshmallow fluff

Place the milk, heavy cream, sugar and 10 of the cookies into a blender. Blend till smooth. Coarsely chop the remaining 10 cookies.

Arrange the marshmallows in a single layer on a heat-proof tray. Use a kitchen torch to brown the tops and sides (or place under the broiler, watching carefully). Set aside to cool.

Drop one or two chopped cookies into the bottom of each of your popsicle molds. Pour the blended mixture about 1/3 of the way up the mold, and freeze for 30-45 minutes or till slushy. Add a layer of marshmallows and insert your popsicle sticks. Cover and freeze till solid. Repeat layering with more of the blended mixture, chopped cookies and marshmallows. Freeze overnight.

To release the pops, hold molds briefly under hot water. Place on a parchment or foil-lined baking sheet and return to the freezer to firm up while you make the magic shell.

Melt the peanut butter and coconut oil in the top half of a double boiler set over barely simmering water, stirring till smooth and emulsified. Transfer to a tall glass and let cool to room temperature. Working with one pop at a time, dip into the magic shell, letting the excess drip off, and return to your baking sheet. You can dip again for a thicker coating if you like (I did!). Keep frozen till ready to use (any leftover magic shell can be kept covered, at room temperature – give it a stir if needed prior to using).

Working with one pop at a time, coat with the marshmallow fluff, using a small angled spatula or the back of a spoon. Use a kitchen torch to brown the fluff; return the pops to the freezer till ready to serve.

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Fluffernutter Popsicles l

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