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pop! goes my summer: “reverse” ice cream pops

SUPER excited about this week’s pops!

Reverse Ice Cream Pops l

Because not only do I have what is so far one of my favorite pops of the season, I’m thrilled to share with you a blogger that I’m a long time fan of!

Sue is the creative force behind The View From Great Island.  TVFGI is, simply put, one of the best food blogs you’ll spend time with. Sue’s photography is beautiful, and her writing is warm and accessible. And her recipes are always, without fail, the types of food I want to make. Simple, delicious and unfussy while managing to be just a bit different too.

Reverse Ice Cream Pops l

I’ve made several of her recipes over the years (a few of which have even made it onto these pages – like these iced coffee pops and yummy chickpea fries), and they never fail.

And I’ve been lucky enough to have Sue include me in no less than four of the fabulous round-ups she shares from time to time (two flourless cookie round ups, a post on freezable cookies and – what else? – popsicles!).

Reverse Ice Cream Pops l

So I wanted to take the opportunity to have you discover Sue’s wonderful recipes for yourself. Starting with these amazing popsicles (seriously, I ate them ALL myself – sometimes two in a sitting).

These pops are a majorly stepped-up take on the traditional ice cream bar. The base is a deceptively easy but oh-so-rich dark cocoa. And the coating? White chocolate magic shell.

Reverse Ice Cream Pops l

Who even knew? And it was as easy as the traditional. But here’s where Sue takes things next level. Instead of just melting down some chocolate and coconut oil, she scrapes a whole vanilla bean into the mix, which lends a delicious flavor to the simple white chocolate, and looks so pretty too.

Reverse Ice Cream Pops l

Hop over to The View From Great Island for the recipe, along with hundreds of others you’re surely going to want to make!

Want more pops? Of course you do – get ’em all on my Pinterest page!

Reverse Ice Cream Pops l

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