Sometimes just a minor tweak can make all the difference.

And this easy entree is a perfect example.

sheet pan lasagna

I have a tried-and-true lasagna recipe that I’ve been making for years – basically a beef version of the veggie lasagna I made a few months back. It relies on shortcut ingredients like no-boil noodles and high-quality jarred marinara sauce, and – like my stuffed shells – I always make it a day or two in advance so that it’s more on the dry side and less on the “soupy”.

It also allows for a typically complex dish to be whipped up for even the busiest weeknight.

And I’ve never thought to change it in any way.

But when I saw a post for an “all crust” sheet pan lasagna on the Food Network – well, they had me at “all crust”. And “sheet pan”.

Yes, I’m that person that loves the corners of any cake or bar, and picks off all the crispy top pieces of any baked pasta dish.

So I gave it a try, adapting my own lasagna recipe to this format.

sheet pan lasagna

sheet pan lasagna

sheet pan lasagna

It wasn’t any easier or quicker, but by spreading out the components into fewer and thinner layers the result was a more crispy-chewy dish that was completely delicious in its own right. And it is now my preferred way to make, serve and eat lasagna.

So if you too are a “corners and crust” type of eater, give this a try!

Sheet-Pan Lasagna
adapted from Food Network

1 pound ground beef, browned and drained
2 eggs
16 ounces shredded mozzarella, divided
1 cup grated parmesan, divided
15 ounces ricotta
1 jar marinara sauce (I love Rao’s)
12 no-boil lasagna noodles

Pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees; line a baking sheet with parchment or foil.

Mix the ricotta, eggs, half the mozzarella and half the parmesan in a large bowl.

Spread 1/3 sauce on the bottom of your baking sheet. Top with 6 of the lasagna noodles (there will be room around the noodles, which will expand when they cook). Top with all of the ricotta mixture, all of the beef, 1/3 sauce and half of the remaining mozzarella.

Top with the remaining 6 lasagna noodles, followed by the remaining 1/3 sauce, mozzarella and parmesan. Wrap tightly with a piece of oiled tin foil and bake for 20 minutes. Remove cover and bake till crusty and browned, 10 – 15 minutes more.

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This delicious recipe brought to you by Sheri Silver

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sheet pan lasagna


  1. Shalagh on May 16, 2017 at 7:01 am

    I am very very intrigued! What’s the definition of a sheet pan? Is it just a baking sheet.with raised edges? I always think of the huge thick ones that industrial bakers use. I am kinda thrilled with this concept.

    • sherisilver on May 16, 2017 at 5:49 pm

      “Technically” it’s a half-sheet – 18 x 13 – but with cooking a little smaller/larger won’t make a difference! 🙂

      • Shalagh on May 16, 2017 at 6:26 pm

        Aha! Thank you for my next must have kitchen toy, ER I mean tool! I’ll tag you with the results.

  2. Hannah on January 5, 2018 at 1:24 pm

    Can you tell me how many servings this makes?


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