i found the perfect skirt and i can’t shut up about it!

Being super happy about finding the perfect skirt is where I’m at these days – and I’m here for it.

Have you noticed that your approach to getting dressed has changed these last few months?

When we went into quarantine back in March I barely found a reason to get dressed. Which is weird because I work from home so it’s not like my day-to-day changed as drastically as it did for others, but it was just enough. Now I wasn’t even leaving the house to get Noah from school – so why bother? I mean, I did – but I eventually landed on the same uniform seven days a week – a long-sleeve tee shirt and some form of pull-on leggings or joggers.

Seven. Days. A week.

I ventured out on Mother’s Day with Chels, and it was the first time I put on pants with a button. It was actually uncomfortable.

And as we were gone for most of the summer – and by a pool or beach for the most part – getting “dressed” required little to no thought. But now here we are in fall – and “kind of” back to normal. I’m taking Noah to school and activities, and we are socializing with friends more.

But I don’t know – the excitement of getting dressed just isn’t there anymore. At least not yet. I got used to being comfortable, I got used to being lazy And yet my sense of vanity really wants me to do better.

Enter this skirt.

The Perfect Skirt l sherisilver.com


When Chelsea and I went on our Scandinavian trip a few years ago we noticed this skirt all over Stockholm. It seemed like everyone was wearing it, and in so many different ways – dressed up, dressed down, with sneakers, flip flops, heels and booties. When we returned home we immediately set about trying to find it, but to no avail.

And then I noticed this beauty – on sale! – and thought this might be “the one”.

It’s PERFECT. Here’s a pic modeled to show where it falls (it looked kind of long in the picture so I wanted you to see it):

The Perfect Skirt l sherisilver.com

Just the right length. Just the right weight. And soooooo versatile:

The Perfect Skirt l sherisilver.com


The Perfect Skirt l sherisilver.com


The Perfect Skirt l sherisilver.com

tee shirt/flip flops

The Perfect Skirt l sherisilver.com



Basically a win-win. You’ve got your comfy elastic waist but look like you’re trying – what more can you ask for?

I got it in this color too.

The Perfect Skirt l sherisilver.com

Let me know if you get it!!!

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  1. Lynn Donahue on October 6, 2020 at 1:11 pm

    I ordered two! I can’t wait to see if it’s the perfect skirt for me!

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