These kind of stopped me right in my tracks.

3-Ingredient Tahini Date Cookies l

3-ingredient easy, and 2 of those ingredients are dates and tahini?

Where do I sign up?

Turns out, right in my kitchen.

3-Ingredient Tahini Date Cookies l

Typically, recipes such as these turn out cookies that are, indeed, healthy/vegan/gluten-free/whatever. But they also “typically” turn out cookies that are more in the hockey puck category than actual cookie category. Not these.

Now – full disclosure – it helps if you love tahini and dates as much as I do, as these flavors are dominant. And they are absolutely chewy like a granola bar, not tender like a chocolate chip cookie (let’s be real).

3-Ingredient Tahini Date Cookies l


For a cookie that is this easy, with no added sugar or flour, and vegan to boot? They are satisfying and delicious. Guilt-free too, as I pop a few in my mouth each morning and tell myself.

This recipe is courtesy of Deryn’s BEAUTIFUL blog, Running on Real Food. Gorgeous pictures and delicious, easy, vegan and gluten-free recipes. Go take a look!

The only change I made was in the execution. I rolled the dough into about a 10″ – 12″ log (using damp hands and plastic wrap to shape), and then sliced the log into 25 cookies. They were smaller than Deryn’s and took a few minutes less to bake.


3-Ingredient Tahini Date Cookies l

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