I was walking home from high school with my friend Susan, when at some point she gestured toward my jeans and asked, “Why do you always wear your pants so short?”.

I looked down. Sure enough, my pants WERE shorter than hers – above the ankle to be exact. Furthermore, this was by design, as I had taken those pants – as I did all my pants – straight to the local dressmaker to have the hem hiked.

Mind you, this was the late 70’s – there was no Internet. No Pinterest. No “street style” blogs to show me the way. And I’m pretty sure that my bible – Seventeen Magazine – wasn’t showing a lot of cropped hemlines back then either.

In addition, I was in no way a trendsetter or trailblazer – I was not pursuing a career in fashion, and for the most part I did my best to fit in and NOT stand out among my schoolmates. But I instinctively knew that a cropped hem was just, well, better.

And thirty-plus years later I stand by this premise.

And while I have my share of flares that dust the ground, for the most part I either cuff my pants or look for a shorter length.

So I am LOVING the new trend I’ve been seeing pop up all over for spring – this cropped, kick-flare jean.

zara cropped frayed flared denim2

image credit: Zara

As the name implies, a kick-flare “kicks out” – or flares – at the knee or ankle, while a traditional flare is wide throughout. It’s a very flattering cut, and the cropped length elongates the leg nicely too.

I picked up two pairs and can’t wait for warmer temps to come to break them out!

zara cropped frayed flared denim

image credit: Zara


madewell cali cropped frayed flared denim

image credit: Madewell

I lived in these when I was in Florida last month, and they looked great with everything – sneakers, sandals, Birks, clogs, you name it. I’m particularly fond of these frayed hems too.

Here are some images to get you inspired!

the fashion eaters cropped flared denim

image credit: The Fashion Eaters

madewell cropped high riser flare2

image credit: Madewell


image credit: Where Did U Get That


image credit: The Fashion Eaters

madewell cropped high riser flare

image credit: Madewell


image credit: Collage Vintage

And in the great-minds-think-alike category, check out my stylish pal PJ’s take on this trend:


image credit: Laura Metzler for A Girl Named PJ

What do you think of this style? What are you excited to pull out of your closet, now that warmer weather is coming, and what new pieces will you be adding to your wardrobe?


  1. Susan on March 31, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    Sheri, I had to laugh a little at this. I am a huge fan of cropped jeans. For a completely different reason. I am just under 5’1″. Cropped jeans are the perfect length for me. 🙂 Flared pants can not be hemmed because you loose half the flare. So when I started seeing the new styles I got really excited! Figured I would stash some away for fall. But I still love wearing actual cropped pants too. I just have to buy petites or get them hemmed. Thanks for all your ideas!

    • sherisilver on March 31, 2016 at 8:54 pm

      Ha! I never thought of that! The things we do…….:)

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