When I started my landscape design business back in 2003, one of the biggest rewards was the pride I took in building something from scratch. I had, up till that point, always worked for another person or company and this time I was completely in control of the future of my professional life. It was scary, for sure, but also really exciting.

And it never stopped being exciting – when someone would reach out to talk to “fiori garden design”, I had to take a moment to remind myself that “fiori” was ME.

And that sense of pride and excitement is one of the things I love most about my involvement with VRAI Magazine. When Danny reached out to me to ask if I’d come on board as a contributor, I was truly impressed with both the beautiful layout of the site as well as the cadre of writers I’d be joining.

But I was equally thrilled at the prospect of once again watching a business grow and flourish from the ground up. And though I’m not sole proprietor this time around, I’m more than okay with that – and really enjoy the camaraderie that comes with being part of a team.

And I couldn’t be more proud of what VRAI has accomplished in a very short time. The co-founders, Danny and Kristin, not only work tirelessly to put together a beautifully laid out publication all month long (in addition to contributing their own content), they are constantly looking for ways to grow VRAI.

Which leads me to this:

VRAI has embarked on a Kickstarter campaign to  bring to life an online digital magazine publication. We will start with the launch of our holiday issue in November 2014 and then launch two additional issues in 2015: a Summer and Holiday issue.

The initial magazine will be filled with beautiful stories, photographs, ideas and inspiration that are already in production.

If you have a moment, won’t you take a look at the video? While we’d be ever grateful for even the smallest donation, even a share or shout out on-line would be most appreciated.

Thanks SO much and have a glorious weekend!

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