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New feature (are you excited? I’m excited!)!!! This is a little different from “Favor-ette” – where I share a baking tip, a must-have “something”, or a super-quick recipe.  This is more a collection of “things” – things I want (crushing), and things I’ve recently purchased and must share (crushed). Unlike the “favor-ettes”, they are self-explanatory…

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“mini cooks” do breakfast – egg in a basket!

Hi all! It’s Chapter Two of “Mini Cooks”! It’s Joy’s turn today and she’s taking on breakfast – specifically, egg in a basket: all images courtesy of Joy This is a favorite around here, and Joy has nailed it as far as choosing a delicious dish that even the tiniest hands can help with. From…

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“mini cooks” – a new series!

Popping in on a Wednesday with some exciting news! image courtesy of MJ I’m teaming up for the next six weeks with the lovely and talented MJ of Pars Caeli (remember her from my blove post?), and Joy of the must-read Frock Files on a fun series called “Mini Cooks”! Mini Cooks came out of the…

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favor-“ette”: an apple do-ahead tip

peeled apples in cold water

So are you elbow-deep in apples yet? I thought so. I mean, it IS October. And if my Facebook and Instagram feeds are any indication, you have all been apple picking. Me too. And, like me, you’ve probably been making endless batches of apple sauce, muffins, pies, quick breads and more. Life with a pre-schooler…

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favor-“ette”: a little tip

dampened hands

This is one of my favorite kitchen tips: Slightly dampened hands make a big difference when working with all manner of sticky foods. Here’s just a few examples: Making meatballs. Rolling out a “log” of slice and bake cookies. Forming ganache truffles. Shaping a meatloaf. Working with coconut macaroons. I learned this tip years ago…

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favor-“ette”: the best way to freeze herbs

freezing herbs in oil

So it’s August, aaaaand – herbs. I’ve got lots of herbs. In pots. In baskets. Outside my front door. And I’m in that end-of-season panic of what to do with all the herbs. Cannot. Waste. The herbs. Here’s a nifty trick for preserving most herbs – and I like it even better than just straight…

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101: breaded cutlets

milanese chicken with arugula salad

I know what you’re thinking: “Breaded chicken cutlets? Do I REALLY need a tutorial on this?” Yes, you do. We ALL do. When I got my long-awaited copy of The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, I was so excited that I dropped what I was doing and immediately sat down to peruse all of the wonderful recipes.…

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favor-“ette”: mess-free measuring

leftover tomato paste

Some tips today to make cooking and baking with those sticky, messy ingredients a little easier. Sound good? Next time you’re baking with honey, corn syrup or molasses, lightly spray your measuring cup or spoon with a non-stick cooking spray (like Pam). Every last drop will pour right out, and you won’t waste any time scraping…

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101: roasted vegetables

The calendar says April but it’s still feeling rather wintery around here. And the selection at the market isn’t helping. I’m chomping at the bit to get my hands on some lovely spring produce, but we’re still stuck – for the most part – with the dregs of winter. So what to do? Roast. Roasting…

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“simply” perfect

When it comes to my favorite foods, I’m a simple gal at heart. Give me a great burger, a slice of toasted pound cake, a classic BLT, and I’m happy. But sometimes “simple” can be quite deceptive. Take stuffed shells. It’s one of my very favorite dishes – cheesy, saucy – what could be better?…

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