favor-“ette”: legging jeans

March 4th, 2014

This winter.

It was 9 degrees this morning, and that was before the wind chill.

I’m so done with hats, gloves and heavy coatsย – ย how about you?

As there seems to be no end to this deep freeze we’re in, I am more than ever grateful for this find:

legging jean

ย legging jeans

I LOVE these legging jeans.

Not skinnies, not leggings and FOR SURE not “jeggings”, legging jeans are the perfect antidote for all that winter bulk.

And more.

Leggings are great for around the house, but I’m no longer feeling that they’re really age appropriate. And we’ve already discussed the passing of the skinny jean moment (too tight, too low-waisted).

But these?


They are as skinny as you can get without cutting off your circulation – perfect to tuck into boots.

They have a mid-rise,which makes them super comfortable AND gives you the option of tucking in a shirt.

legging jean

legging jeans

And they are very versatile, going quite well with most of my winter/early spring wardrobe.

I have them in black and a dark rinse, and here are just a few of my favorite ways to wear them:

legging jean, parka, hunter boots


legging jean, hoodie, tee shirt, wedge sneaker


legging jean, sweater, scarf, bootie


Even better? These jeans are 40% off today if you use your Gap card!

Stay warm guys!

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