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cookie jar: a quick (and important!) update

When a reader takes the time to connect with me – whether on social media, through e-mail, or a comment right here – I always take the time to acknowledge. It means a lot to me that you’re all here, especially when so much is vying for our attention at all times.

Those pan-banging cookies got a LOT of attention, and one comment in particular stood out to me. It was from Christina and she wrote,

“They look great Sheri! With my recipe you don’t need to bang on the pan to get those wrinkles though 😉”

“MY RECIPE”??????

I was intrigued, and headed over the HER blog to check it out.

And it’s my new favorite blog.

Scientifically Sweet approaches baking from a scientific point of view, which I truly admire. While I can execute a recipe with exactitude, and streamline/make adjustments to the process itself, tweaking ingredients has always eluded me. To this day I couldn’t tell you how using brown sugar differs from white, or why one would use baking soda versus baking powder (or sometime both together).

But Christina understands (she’s an actual FOOD SCIENTIST), and this gives her the superpower to adjust any recipe to suit her desired outcome.

As with “those” cookies.

Her gorgeous pictures tempted me to give her recipe a try, and it worked just as she promised it would:

Scientifically Sweet Ripple Chocolate Chip Cookies l


The only difference between the cookies is that Christina’s are a little smaller. But the taste and scrumptious texture are exactly the same.

Scientifically Sweet Ripple Chocolate Chip Cookies l

Head over to Scientifically Sweet for the full recipe, plus so many more that you’ll want to bookmark and make.

And let me know what you think!

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