For years – decades, actually – I’d been packaging my holiday cookies the same way. Year in, year out. You can see an example in this post if you like.

And it was good. And people loved it.

But last year I decided that – going forward – I would switch things up a bit.

Welcome to this year’s model!

cupcake box cookie packaging

I love the idea of using a cupcake box to store four different types of cookies and treats. It’s a simple and sturdy packaging, and needs nothing more than some ribbon and a tag to finish it off.

cupcake box cookie packaging

Here’s the box I chose, but you could go white, colored, even metallic.

As for the liners, I found (the hard way) that traditional cupcake liners will sink below the insert. These fluted liners are nice and high – which not only means they can hold more cookies, they look so much prettier too, IMO (note: you can also make your own fluted liners, here!). Just make sure that your cookies are about 2″ in diameter when baked, to stack nice and neatly.

cupcake box cookie packaging

Click away for the recipes for the butter cookies, espresso cookies and “super food” bark. The cranberry lime cookies are coming soon here!