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This past year, no fewer than four of my friends have started brand new businesses. Businesses that highlight their passions, offer up something new and different, and allow for a shopping experience that is the antithesis of the big-box deal. In addition, these are all women who have graced this space in the past, and I couldn’t be more excited to have them all rounded up right here!

First up is Plumfield Shop.

plumfield shop

Remember Kari, from my mid-century modern tour in Palm Springs? Kari has mad style, and when I learned that she was launching an on-line shop, I knew it would be STELLAR.

From Kari:

“I have always loved finding cool things, both for myself and to give as great presents. I wandered the aisles at Renegade Craft Fair and the Brooklyn Flea looking for that perfect thing. I dug through tons of not-great stuff on Etsy, looking for the gems. But I realize that not everyone has that kind of time. So I’ve found the best things for you.  I’ve curated everything down, to find a gift so good you won’t want to give it away. Haven’t we all done that? Bought a necklace or a candle for a friend, and then realized we wanted it more for ourselves? That’s what Plumfield is for.”

Here’s a peek at what you’ll find at Plumfield:

plumfield shop

plumfield shop

I’m obsessed with those lucite mid-century house ornaments, btw (Mike Silver, are you listening?).

Plumfield also has a unique – and wonderful – service called Plumfield Perfect Present Package (I’m not the only one who likes alliteration…). Here’s how it works: you pick out your gift and card (she has a huge selection), and Kari will fill it out, wrap it up and mail it! Though this service is typically $10, Kari is offering it “on the house” for my readers. Just use the code “donuts” after you put the package in your cart!

For more on Plumfield Shop check out Kari’s website, as well as Facebook and Instagram.

Next up? Sfuso Stuffs.

sfuso stuffs

Sara was kind enough a while back to share all of her tips and tricks on how to navigate a flea market. She has since put those considerable talents to use on her fabulous Etsy shop, Sfuso Stuffs.

From Sara:

“I love the hunt! Going to flea markets and estate sales, discovering some lost lovely; bring it home, clean it up, do some research, take a few pictures, and put it out to the universe to be found again.  I have matched people from all over the globe with memories, sought after treasure and some pretty neat stuff.”

Pretty neat indeed – Sara has a keen eye, not only for what’s “good”, but for how that good thing might be cleverly re-used. Here are a few finds from Sara’s ever changing collection:

sfuso stuffs

sfuso stuffs

If those metal pieces look familiar, it’s because they are mine – Sara is also happy to look for specific items in her travels, which is how I wound up the proud owner of those gorgeously weathered muffin tins.

Sara’s offering my readers 15% off any purchase ($10 minimum), from now through Christmas – use the coupon code DDD15 at check out!

Find much, much more on Sara’s shop page, blog, Facebook page and Instagram.

Now let’s turn to Lacy – who will always have a special place in my heart, as she was the very first person to ask me to do a guest post. I had only been blogging for a few months and was so, so flattered – and have been a fan of this lovely lady ever since (and of course, featured her right here too!).

Lacy is both creative AND talented, so I was not surprised at all when she unveiled Madre Beads – a brand new venture – in March of this year.

madre beads

About Madre Beads:

“As a mother of 3, Lacy was constantly frustrated with jewelry options for moms. She was in search of something that was cute, comfy, and safe for baby. Lacy started playing around with designs and soon came up with a concept using t-shirt yarn and wooden beads.

 Madre Beads uses the best quality wooden beads and soft, stretchy t-shirt yarn, creating jewelry that is ideal for babies to pull, tug, suck, and chew. Madre Beads are eco-friendly, non-toxic, water and saliva-proof. While Madre Beads are the perfect accessory for nursing and babywearing mothers, they’re cute on just about anyone! 

In addition to her mama necklaces, Lacy makes adorable jewelry for kiddos, teethers and pacifier clips for babies, and has an entire line of diffuser accessories for essential oil lovers! 

Lacy makes all of her creations by hand at her in-home studio in Columbia, Missouri. From designing the jewelry to packaging it up, ready for gift-giving, every step is done with love and care.”

Lacy has clearly struck a chord with this idea, as she sold out almost immediately upon opening her shop. She quickly restocked – and sold out again. I couldn’t love this idea more, and have so much admiration for how beautifully Lacy has executed her vision.

madre beads

madre beads

And Lacy is as generous as she is talented! She’s offering my readers a 20% discount on any order placed through the end of November. Just use the code “donutsdressesdirt” when ordering.

Madre Beads’ winter collection will be coming soon, with tons of new, beautiful necklaces as well as car diffusers and diffuser ornaments! You can find out more on Lacy’s website, blog, Facebook page and Instagram.

And last but not at all least, we have MJ.

MJ is a long-time friend and no stranger to DD&D – she’s been featured on “blove”, in addition to being kind enough to include me in her “Mini Cooks” series. I admire MJ so so much – not only for how talented and savvy she is, but even more for how she’s gone about building her brand. Quietly, surely, and with a kindness and optimism that shines through everything she does.

And this is resoundingly evident in her latest venture, Shop Pars Caeli.

From MJ:

“Shop Pars Caeli began as one of my little-girl dreams, and has finally been brought to life in the last few months. My eldest daughter is my inspiration, muse and dictator (in the most loving way!), and we discuss what would sell well, and what we love.

In the shop you’ll find letterpress greeting cards and prints, as well as children’s and women’s tees – all focused on putting a little more fun and a whole lot more goodness into your life. The shop is a direct extension of my art, my sense of humor and my three years of projects and conversations on Pars Caeli, my happy blog.”

Here’s a pic of Noah wearing one of MJ’s tees:

shop pars caeli

And a few more items that you’ll find at her shop:

shop pars caeli

shop pars caeli

How cute is that shirt? It’s in top rotation for my boy. And MJ wants all of you to have one too – she’s offering 25% off any Do Good tee, good through the end of October – simply use the code DDD on any woman’s or kid’s Do Good shirt. What’s even better? A portion of the profits from every sale supports The Sweet Pea Foundation – a non-profit helping hospitalized children and their families.

The holiday season is on the brink of landing – why not take advantage of these special offers and start checking off that list? There is something for everyone right here, and you can feel good about your purchases, knowing that you’re supporting a small, woman-owned business. Win-win, I say.

Thank you so much ladies – love you all!


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    Thank You! What an honor to be featured with such a talented group

    • sherisilver on October 23, 2015 at 9:09 pm

      Love your “stuffs” girl! xo

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