making your own slime is super easy and FUN!

Update, October 2015: So Noah wanted me to make this again for his class this year. After some annoying clumping with the guar gum, I finally figured out that the easiest way to mix it is to put it in a small strainer and tap it slowly into the water (stirring constantly). Worked like a charm!

I also fell on a link to a tutorial that used good old Elmer’s glue (clear or white) instead of the guar gum. Totally trying this next year!

Last – some of you asked for a label template – you can download the printable label here! This year I used these labels from Avery, but you could just print the template out onto regular paper, cut out the circles and attach with double stick tape.

The moment I saw this in the current issue of Martha Stewart I knew I had to give it a try.

Slime l

I mean, slime – what could be a more perfect Halloween party favor?

I’m glad that I made this early on, as there are a few tricks to getting the consistency right – which of course, I will share with all of you!

Slime l

Here’s what you’ll need:

2 t. guar gum (available at most health food or Mrs. Green’s type stores)
2 t. borax
Green food coloring (the liquid kind works best here)
Small plastic jars (I got these at the Container Store; they are 2″ d. x 1 3/4″ h.)
Plastic spiders (I got a large pack at the dollar store)
“Slime” labels
Double-stick tape

Pour 4 c. hot water and some green food coloring into a large bowl. Slowly mix in the guar gum, stirring continuously and adding just a tiny bit at a time – this will minimize clumping. You will likely have some clumps; simply pour the mixture through a strainer to remove.

Mix the borax with 1 1/2 c. hot water till dissolved – slowly add to the guar gum mixture, stirring continuously. Let cool.

Transfer the slime to your plastic containers – add a few spiders to each.

Cut out labels and affix to lids with double-stick tape.

Be sure to check out my Halloween Pinterest board too!

Slime l

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