Do you ever make a connection (whether in-person or virtually) that feels “just right” – right away? For me, that was Adrienne, of Susie Makes Supper.

I was immediately drawn to Adrienne, along with her blog – and have been a loyal reader since (all images, except where noted, courtesy of Adrienne Robideaux).

susie makes supper

photo credit: Christine Olsen

Though I come across – and read – many many food blogs, there are few that “make the cut” and become a must-read. I’ve found that the blogs I return to again and again strike that perfect balance of showing me food I’d really want to make/eat/serve, but that is also totally “doable”. I have little interest in sites overflowing with meals that look beautiful but are overly fussy, too complicated or made with hard-to-source ingredients.

Susie Makes Supper is my kind of blog. It helps that she writes in a smart, funny and totally relatable voice. It helps that she shares her fails along with her successes. And it helps that she loves Rome. And coffee. And Fritos.

Adrienne’s blog falls roughly into three categories:

“Menus”  This is where you’ll find a meal plan – with links – for the coming week. As someone who is a card-carrying meal planner I clearly appreciate this approach to cooking for my family. Adrienne includes side notes and suggestions, along with what happens when the unexpected means a change in plans. It should be noted here that Adrienne is a mom to two (twins) and step-mom to five (including another set of twins). So at any given moment she could be serving four for dinner or up to nine; this is a woman to pay attention to when it comes to organizing dinner.

“Reviews” Here’s where Adrienne shares a dish that she’s made – with lots of good tweaks and suggestions. It’s mostly successes:

susie makes supper roasted garlic green hummus

Roasted Garlic Green Hummus

susie makes supper chicken salad with haricots vert

Chicken Salad with Haricots Verts

“Both [of these recipes] show working with what you have on hand and editing recipes to make them work for you.”

But she’s also willing to share the fails:

susie makes supper chicken tagine

Chicken Tagine

“Another review that I like is Chicken Tagine because it shows that sometimes things just fail and that is ok. I like having a little honesty in my blog.”

Adrienne also shares my goal of getting her kids into the kitchen (how she does this with pre-school twins is a mystery to me):

susie makes supper oatmeal cookies

Afternoon Baking

“I like [this post] because I talked about why we cook with our kids and I think that is really important. I’m a bit of a preacher when it comes to cooking with kids — as much as possible and as diversely as possible – for so many reasons.”

“Lagniappe” I know – I’d never heard of it either. Adrienne explains: “Lagniappe is a Cajun word that essentially means “a little something extra”. It’s a word used in south Louisiana where I grew up so I have always used it and sometimes forget that it is not a common word. In the context of the blog, the lagniappe section is where all the extra musings, craft projects, baking, etc. go – my little something extra.”

Adrienne was reluctant to share these posts, as they digressed from her blog “model” of meal planning/menu sharing. But I’m so glad she did – as they are some of my favorite pieces, and I can SO appreciate the fear that accompanies breaking from the norm on my own blog:

susie makes supper on listening

On Listening (image credit: Kelly Beall)

“These are the posts that are simply observations on living, on being or what is going through my head at any given moment. My menu plans and reviews are definitely a part of my life, but these are the posts that are most representative of me as a woman, not just as a stay at home kitchen executive.”

I love that she refers to herself as a kitchen “executive” – that she takes what she does, but not herself, seriously.

I know that the word “accessible” is used to death but Adrienne’s writing is truly just that – and creates that magic of appearing easy and rolls-off-the-tongue but in reality is quite skilled and brimming with intelligence. She really wants to partner with her readers on that relentless wheel of meal planning/shopping/prepping/cooking that we all face, week in and week out.

Thanks so much Adrienne!

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