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“mini cooks” lunchtime – a vegan smoothie!

It’s Wednesday, which lately means the next installment of “Mini Cooks” – a collaborative series with Joy and MJ, designed to get kids into the kitchen – and cooking!


MJ’s up today, with a clever twist on lunch – a smoothie!

I remember all too well the day that Noah – who had been an amazing little eater for his first two years – decided that he just wasn’t that into food anymore.

Having had two “meh” eaters already, one would think that I would have been able to take this in stride.


Full-throttle panic ensued.

Fortunately a good friend (herself the mom of 2 pickies) stepped in, and offered the idea of (and recipe for) a smoothie drink.


Quick to prepare, with whatever I had on-hand. Easy to customize, based on Noah’s ever changing preferences, along with what was in-season. And healthy! I’d boost the drink with plain yogurt and wheat germ, and always felt better after he’d down a cup or two.

MJ and her adorable little guy have prepared this bright, delicious orange smoothie, which I think Noah will love too.


At least for a day or so.

Happy Wednesday!

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