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Did you know that The Home Depot hosts a monthly workshop called “Do It Herself“?  The workshops are totally free, and include all the supplies you need to execute your project. Cool, right?

So when I got the opportunity to participate in a workshop last month entitled “Power Up Your Holiday: Make, Create & Give with Power Tools”, I was quite excited.

Okay – and a little nervous.

See, in my world there are tools, and then there are TOOLS.

For example, I can work a stand mixer like a boss, wield a kitchen torch like nobody’s business and pipe rosettes till the cows come home.

In the garden I’m as comfortable using a pair of pruning shears as I am operating a Japanese folding saw.

But power tools? Step away…..

Now was my chance to conquer that fear.

The project was simple – a letter “wreath”, made of wood and wrapped in ribbon. I chose “N” for my little guy, and picked out some pretty silver ribbon to wrap it with.

My tour guides for the evening were Phil and Jenelle, and they couldn’t have been nicer. Phil measured and cut the wood, and then drew a letter template for me to cut – I mean saw.

home depot do it herself workshop

And then the jigsaw came out (gulp).

It was actually kind of cute, and I just kept channeling the Little Engine That Could (I think I can, I think I can…).

home depot do it herself workshop

I’ll admit it  – it was a pretty awesome experience (can you tell how proud I am?).

I wrapped the wood with the ribbon and we finished it off with some garden twine for hanging.

home depot do it herself workshop

Noah loves his “N”, and I love that I’ve gotten over my fear of power tools (well, at least jigsaws…).

Thank you, Phil and Jenelle – and thank you Home Depot!

Note: I received compensation for this post, along with a gift card to purchase additional supplies. All comments and opinions are – as always – completely my own.


  1. Lisa on December 10, 2013 at 12:13 am

    Wow, Sheri – congratulations 🙂 That is so great! I was just looking at tutorials on how to build a wall bookshelf, and the words drill, router and the like instantly convinced me to hire a handy person – haha! I need to look into Home Depot’s workshops – how cool would it be to be able to say “I built that”.

    • sherisilver on December 10, 2013 at 7:41 am

      I feel you Lisa – I simply “look away” when it comes to those kinds of DIY’s. These workshops look great, right?

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