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favor- “ette” friday (holiday edition, part four): displaying holiday cards

This week’s tip is, once again, courtesy of Martha.

Like most of you, I am inundated at this time of year with holiday cards from family and friends. And I love it – love seeing the cards that my creative friends have crafted, love seeing how much the far-away kids have changed, love all the new faces of friends we’ve made in the past year.

Question is – what to DO with them all? There is no end of boards, ribbons, stands, etc., designed to display your cards throughout the holiday season. But this one is my favorite, and the way I’ve been showcasing my cards for years.

Simply take a bunch of branches – you can find them in most craft stores and nurseries, or just forage for some in your yard – and stick them in a vase. Punch a hole in each card, string a ribbon through and hang it on a branch.  It looks great and keeps all the cards in easy view all season long.

Even better – it makes a festive (and inexpensive) centerpiece – and everyone gets a kick out of seeing who “came in” each day.

Happy Friday!

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