I was lucky enough to score an invitation to a tasting party, celebrating Dos Caminos executive chef Ivy Stark’s new book:

My friend and fellow blogger Meredith and I were treated to what seemed like an endless stream of truly amazing food and drink, all from recipes found in the book (which we were also treated to a copy of!).

I wish you could see ALL of the fabulous dishes we sampled but unfortunately, dim lighting + hibiscus tea margaritas = much blurriness.

Here’s what I caught:

Street corn.

That was my personal serving. Just kidding. Unfortunately.

Here’s mine.

Beef-stuffed fat tacos. I have no words. Truly. No words.

Aforementioned margarita. Way delicious.

Coconut rice pudding empanadas – these went by so fast that they were literally a blur. Managed to grab one and have been thinking about it ever since.

Here’s what else we had:

Mini hot dogs. Wrapped in bacon. Wrapped in cheese. Served with chipotle mayonnaise. Hard to take a picture when you’re drooling. And swooning. And eyeing your friend’s plate.

Mexican hot chocolate served with the tiniest little churros ever. Served in shot glasses.

Crab masa turnovers. Hot, crispy, spicy – to die for.

If you can get here – DO IT! If not, order Ivy’s book and recreate her awesomeness at home. I know I will.

And, in case you were wondering – it is totally possible to consume one’s weight in guacamole.






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