Well, suffice to say that November 2011 will definitely pale in comparison to October – but then again, it usually does. November is the month when we shut it down for the season. I’ve assessed, divided and am ready to be done.

What I do love about poking around the pots and beds (especially in the morning hours) this month is how soft and pale and quiet everything looks. As I put Noah into his crib for nap or nighttime, I feel my voice going to a whisper and my whole body slowing down.

That’s just what the garden in November feels like.

And even then, there are some surprises – some “jolts” of color and bloom – which I love.

I keep very thorough care notes that indicate which plants should be cut all the way back before winter and which need to “stay up” – either for winter interest:

Or to provide a protective “crown” for the plant over the winter:

You don’t need a landscape design degree to know what to do. There are wonderful books (I’ll share some of my favorites in an upcoming post) and of course, the web, to provide you with good information.

And I always welcome your comments and questions here!

I can’t believe another season has come to an end – time to start my holiday baking!

How about some Milk Dud-stuffed sugar cookies to kick things off?

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