WARNING: Do NOT click on the link below unless you have time on your hands. Seriously.

Shortly after we completed our addition I found out that I was pregnant with Noah. So I found myself with two new rooms that needed some accessorizing – our new family room/my office and a soon-to-be nursery.

I was also in the midst of maintaining my landscaping business, gearing up for Chelsea’s high school graduation and preparations for college and getting Conor ready to go to sleep away camp for the first time. So Spring ’09 was, oh, a little busy………….

As patience is definitely NOT one of my strong suits I was anxious to have the house in order NOW. I had done a fair amount of research and planning so all of the big pieces were in place. It was the finishing touches – those little details – that were left. And those make all the difference, don’t you think?

Then I discovered Blik. Blik produces removable wall decals in an astounding array of styles and designs – many created in-house and others by notable artists and designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Keith Haring, Savannah College of Art and Design and more.

I had a hard time choosing but finally settled on a clean, modern woodland graphic for Noah’s room and a “free form” collection of curves and lines that Conor used to create a great-looking piece for the family room, which wraps around a tall blank wall above my drafting table.

I just love the concept of having wall decor that is more interesting than paint and less permanent than wallpaper. It’s an unexpected change from the usual wall art and reasonably priced too – when our tastes change we can just remove the decals and start fresh.

Check them out – and Happy Friday!

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