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brooklyn bound: metal and thread

I recently wrote about the Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook, which  I visited for the first time last year on a pilgrimage here. I’ve been back several times since, and just discovered  the truly unique shop Metal and Thread.

Owners Denise Carbonell and Derek Dominy opened this comfortable and stylish shop in 2008, and their mission statement beautifully captures their extensive, yet thoughtfully curated collection:  “We endeavor to remind each other what a hand made item looks and feels like….we celebrate the hand in an object….the sometimes awkwardness of a stitch that is slightly crooked…”.

Indeed, all of the items in the shop – from quilts to metal mesh jewelry to unusual antiques and salvaged items – reflect the owners’ commitment to using recycled materials and supporting local artisans. Even the store’s display shelves were fabricated by Derek from salvaged metal (and I’ve not stopped coveting them since………). Derek also executes some of Denise’s gorgeous and affordable jewelry. In addition to her chain mail rings and lariat style necklaces, Denise creates beautiful silk baby quilts (that double perfectly as wall hangings), scarves, mobiles and her signature collection of “hands” – sculpted (naturally) from wire.

Chelsea and I had the pleasure of speaking with the owners while we were there and Denise showed us the latest addition to the store’s collection – a series of her haunting and beautiful photographs of Red Hook, that somehow looked new yet old at the same time –  meshing perfectly with the store’s (and owners’) sophisticated sensibility.

This is just a sampling of what was in the store when we visited – you should take a trip there yourself, or at the very least check out their web site and Etsy store, listed below. You will be rewarded with pieces that I  guarantee you will not find anywhere else!

Metal and Thread
398 Van Brunt Street
Brooklyn, New York 11231



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