pop! goes my summer: striped creamsicle popsicles!

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I know – it’s not quite summer yet. But here in New York we have skipped right over spring, experiencing hot, muggy, August-like days.

And I’m loving it. The Siberia-winter we just finished did us ALL in, and the warm sticky embrace of this weather is just what the doctor ordered.

I’m already planning season two of my popsicle series – which will resume in a few months – but couldn’t resist slipping one in right now. Especially since I had the challenge of creating a unique recipe using SunnyD!

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My mom was a funny one growing up. She had no issues with all manner of treats/snacks/sugary cereals coming into the house. Sara Lee cupcakes. Entenmann’s doughnuts (NOTHING better). Pop Tarts. Frosted Flakes. You get the picture.

Except when she did have an issue. And these were the most randomly drawn lines you could imagine. Instant mashed potatoes (which I was obsessed with), refrigerator biscuits and SunnyD. I never understood why – for someone who allowed pretty much anything we wanted (Cheez Whiz!) – we were forbidden these particular snacks and drinks.

These were the ones, of course, that became the most coveted. The most desired. And you can bet that every time I visited my best friend C’s house I had as many SunnyD’s as her mom would allow. My memories of the last days of school are forever linked with walking the 1/2 block from school to her house, and those happy little bottles of SunnyD.

So I came up with this riff on my very favorite ice cream truck treat – a creamsicle!

#WhereFunBegins #SunnyD #ad

Not being much a chocolate gal even back then, I adored creamsicles. And I am smitten with this pretty (and easy to make) ombre version.

I took Noah to Sam’s Club (where he snacked and sampled his way down every aisle), and headed to the refrigerator section to pick up a 24-pack.

#WhereFunBegins #SunnyD #ad

#WhereFunBegins #SunnyD #ad

All you need is some good vanilla ice cream and your’re ready to roll! You can check out more fun summer ideas and recipes on the SunnyD site – and I’d love to know what treats (prohibited or otherwise) remind YOU of your childhood summers!

#WhereFunBegins #SunnyD #ad

Striped Creamsicle Popsicles

SunnyD Tangy Original flavor (I used about 4 of the 6.75 oz. bottles)
vanilla ice cream, softened (I used about 2 cups)

Pour enough SunnyD into each popsicle mold to fill about 1/3 of the way up (I use this mold; the amount you’ll need may vary based on size/shape of yours). Freeze till solid.

Mix about a cup of softened vanilla ice cream with enough SunnyD to create a pale orange shade. Pour enough into each mold to fill about 1/3 of the way up. Freeze until slushy – about 20-30 minutes – then place popsicle sticks in and freeze till solid.

Pour enough vanilla ice cream into each popsicle mold up to the fill line; freeze until solid.

To release the pops, hold molds briefly under hot water.

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