favor-“ette”: shirt box cupcake carrier

October 8th, 2013

So I’m back in the cupcake business, big time. I knew that having a little one again would mean my re-entry into the world of classroom treats – I loved baking for the kids’ classes when they were younger, and looked forward to doing it again with Noah.

Last year we had one morning a week free and got into the routine of baking for his class. He’d come up with the idea, we’d get the ingredients and do the baking (mostly) together. And this year is no different. Except this year his class is almost twice the size – which means a lot more treats!

shirt box cupcake carrier

I came across this idea for using a shirt box as a cupcake carrier in Real Simple (do you love that magazine as much as I do?) – and I thought it was genius. I always have gift boxes lying around, and this is a truly clever re-use.


And it couldn’t be easier – simply cut “X”‘s in the top of the box and gently fold in the points. The cupcakes will fit snugly and securely inside, making them easy to deliver. Even better, there’s no tray to return (or clean).

shirt box cupcake carrier, oreo cupcakes

shirt box cupcake carrier, oreo cupcakes

I know – these cupcakes are ridiculous, right? This was Noah’s idea – “Oreo Cupcakes”. Bake up a batch of your favorite chocolate cupcakes, and enough vanilla buttercream to cover. For 24 cupcakes I folded in 1/2 cup of crushed Oreos (about 6) into the buttercream. Pipe the frosting atop each cooled cupcake, and insert a half Oreo in each.

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