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January 30th, 2013

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you know that I was at Alt Summit in Salt Lake City last week. Alt Summit is a blogging conference born from this idea: “Understanding that bloggers needed the connections a live event would offer, an idea was hatched. A live event to discuss what is new, what is working, what is not and what is next.”

I had been planning on attending as soon as I started reading the recaps from last year’s conference, and all I can say is that it exceeded my expectations (which were pretty high) in every way.

So I’ve given a lot of thought to what kind of “Alt Summit” recap post I would do. Or if I would even do one at all. And I decided that, for the time being, I wouldn’t. I have a lot of follow up work to do, based on the contacts I made and the projects I want to pursue over the coming year. And I would like to do a post – at some point – for new-ish bloggers like myself who are thinking of attending Alt next year. I’d like to share what I learned, how I prepared and what to expect (Update: here it is!).

And truthfully? There are so many great, great posts – popping up daily – that I thought it might be even better to create a Pinterest board filled with every recap I could find (don’t see yours? Link to it in the comments section below and I’ll add it!).

So for now, allow me to show you one of the more distinctive features of this particular conference – the business cards.

As Alt attracts a very high proportion of design and D.I.Y.  bloggers, the business cards are of exceptional quality and creativity. People really bring it and the photos below represent just a small sample (in fact, they represent pretty much every card I was given!):


I loved these cards that incorporated photos – some personal, some more abstract:

alt summit 2013 business cards

Frame 1: The New Diplomat’s Wife/Nancy Soriano/Bohemian Vintage

Frame 2: Bunny and Dolly/A Girl Named Gay/Kids Stuff World/Tailored LA


Okay – I’ll admit it – a few months back I had NO idea what letterpress was (a printing company maybe? I wasn’t sure.). I now know that letterpress printing is “a 500 year old relief printing technique in which a raised, inked image meets paper with enough pressure to produce a print.” (you can learn more here). Letterpress cards are thick, warm and tactile. They are quite elegant and were out in full force at Alt:

alt summit 2013 business cards

Frame 1: Terra Savvy/Leslie Fandrich/Not Merely Living

Frame 2: House of Earnest/Hello Cupcake Public Relations

Outside the Box

I love getting a card that is a break from the traditional shape and size of most calling cards:

alt summit 2013 business cards

 Design Crush/Inward Facing Girl/Elembee


Charming illustrations, bold typography, clean and simple shapes and lines:

alt summit 2013 business cards

Frame 1: Fifth and Hazel/Peck Life/Ashmae/Caravan Shoppe

Frame 2: Meg Biram/It’s Sweet and Savory/My Life at Playtime

Frame 3: Paging Supermom/Margo Things/Foxtrot Press/Art Social

Get Busy

A few cards were actually mini projects! From a paper cat cut-out, to a decorate-your-own greeting card, and even a mini sewing kit:

alt summit 2013 business cards

Striped Cat Studio/Salvage Life/Damask Love

Sweet. Hearts.

‘Nuff said:

alt summit 2013 business cards

 I Heart Naptime/Amber Housley

Why, Thank You!

Whether a cheetah binder clip, a code for a free craft project or a pretty little necklace, Alt bloggers were quite “giving”:

alt summit 2013 business cards

 Frame 1: Breezy Cheetah Pop/Fabric Paper Glue

Frame 2: Fresh Tangerine/Small for Big

Clever. Just. Clever.

This was the last card I looked at, late one evening. And I couldn’t have been more grateful for the laugh:

alt summit 2013 business cards

Blogging it Forward

Who, Moi?

Well of COURSE I was going to share my card with you. The supremely talented Melanie Biehle of Inward Facing Girl designed my stunning new logo, so the card itself was a no-brainer.  But how to set myself apart?

alt summit 2013 business cards

Candy. Duh.

Which one’s your favorite (other than mine…)?

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