wool ball car diffusers use essential oils to naturally freshen the air!

I’m so excited to be sharing these little car diffusers – they’ve been in the works for months!

car diffusers l sherisilver.com

A while back I made my own wool ball car diffuser, but I wasn’t happy with it for long:

It was way more distracting than I thought it would be. When I hung it up it didn’t look big enough to cause a problem, but I felt uncomfortable the moment I started driving. I found out that it’s actually illegal in some states to have something hanging from your rear view mirror, and now I understood why.

It didn’t create enough scent. Like, nothing. I realized that without any air passing through it the scent wouldn’t be dispersed. Sad face.

So I got to work figuring out a way to attach the diffuser to the air vents, so that it would be in constant contact with that flowing air (and out of my line of sight).

car diffusers l sherisilver.com

I LOVE these. They’re adorable and work like a charm. And since not everyone drives I made a mini version with a clasp attachment to put on a key chain or zipper!

car diffusers l sherisilver.com

car diffusers l sherisilver.com

Traditional car air fresheners are BAD NEWS; most contain two of the most toxic types of chemicals – phthalates and volatile organic compounds (VOC). Those chemicals make the scents “scent-y”, but also contribute to headaches, coughing, runny noses and worse (here’s a great read if you want to learn more).

So ditch those cardboard “trees” and vent clips, and score one (or more) of these cuties!

Each diffuser comes in a little drawstring bag (ready for gifting!), and is accompanied by a dropper bottle to fill with your favorite oil(s).

car diffusers l sherisilver.com

The cost is $15, which includes shipping within the US (e-mail me about orders outside the US!).

Right now I have three color options available, but I’m happy to talk custom colors!:**

car diffusers l sherisilver.com

Concrete Jungle

car diffusers l sherisilver.com

Rockaway Beach

car diffusers l sherisilver.com


And any diffuser can be turned into a key fob – perfect for backpacks, totes and clutches!

I’m thrilled to add this to my “silver essentials” collection.

To order, drop me a line at sheri@sherisilver.com! xo

**Please be aware that – based on availability – the clip bead/tassel may be a different color than the one shown in the picture, but will be a complementary shade based on the wool balls you select. In addition, as the wool balls I use are handmade, they may vary slightly in shape, size and color.