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Hi! I’m Sheri Silver. I was born and raised in Brooklyn and have lived for the last 24 years  in a lovely little suburb about 40 minutes north of New York City. I share a 1920′s tudor with my husband, Mike and my 3 incredible children – Chelsea, 25, Conor, 20 and Noah, 8. For the past 10 years I’ve had my own landscape design firm (click here to learn more).

2010 was filled with several milestones. Chelsea successfully completed her first year of college (and her first time ever away from home).  Conor started high school (let the college countdown begin!). And my little Noah turned 2, officially transitioning from a baby into a delightful, engaging and VERY BUSY toddler.

In addition, it also marked 10 years since the end of my first marriage – a date that had loomed so large over me for most of the preceding 12 months, and in the end wound up coming (and going) as just an ordinary day like any other.

In reflecting on the events of the past year I realized that I wanted to make a major change in my life . And not just by switching careers, as I’ve often done before. No – this time I vowed to really give thought to what makes me happy,  how I like to spend my time, and what I’m most passionate about.

This was radical, groundbreaking stuff, to put it mildly.

To take all the things I love the most and actually spend my day doing them? – well, even just thinking about it was thrilling – and a little scary. So I started writing (and writing, and writing) things down, giving free reign to the ideas and possibilities that had been floating around in my head for years. I took a long and honest look at what I wrote and decided that I would not let fear of failure or the need to wait till I could put out a “perfect product” hold me back. I allowed myself the prospect of succeeding – not so much  in the traditional ways we measure such things,  but by actually feeling happy and fulfilled. For the first time ever I’ve opted to run toward the next chapter, rather than slowly and cautiously backing in.

About this blog:
I’ve probably been writing this blog – in my head – for over 10 years.   And though I write mostly about gardening,  baking and cooking, I also love to pass along great “finds” – from a beautiful, one of a kind store in Brooklyn (or Portland) to the most amazing doughnut or lobster roll (two personal obsessions) EVER, to some of my favorite places to spend an afternoon.

And I hope, in the process,  to learn more about these things from you – my readers – along the way.

I’d love to hear from you! Please drop me a line at Sheri at sherisilver dot com; thanks!