a berry tip for baking that you are going to LOVE!

This berry tip for baking is one of my faves and one I should have shared long ago!

A Berry Tip for Baking l sherisilver.com

If you’ve ever been frustrated when baking with berries, to find that most (or all) of the berries sank to the bottom of your cake/bread/muffins, you’re not alone.

And the fix is SO easy.

Simply remove a tablespoon or two of the flour you’re using in the recipe and toss it with the berries. Then proceed with the recipe as usual.

A Berry Tip for Baking l sherisilver.com

The flour absorbs the juices from the berries as they’re released during baking. This minimizes any “seeping” from the juices and also helps keep them suspended. This works as well on fresh as it does frozen berries.

If you’re so inclined you can also spread a little of the plain batter on the bottom of your pan before folding in the berries. This serves as a “cushion”, and provides a little extra insurance.

Here’s a pic of a recipe I’m posting later in the week – you can see that even though it’s a small loaf, the berries stay scattered through the middle of the cake.

GF Mixed Berry Cake l sherisilver.com

Have you ever tried this?

A Berry Tip for Baking l sherisilver.com


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