easy dyed marshmallows step up your s’mores game considerably!

Summer is officially here, and while around these parts that usually means popsicles, it can ALSO mean s’mores (though sometimes it means s’mores popsicles – but I digress).

It also usually means something red, white and blue (be it cheesecake, parfaits or cake in a jar).

But in THIS case it means both!

Easy Dyed Marshmallows l sherisilver.com

If you recall, last year I gave the patriotic treatment to the graham crackers. But this time I dyed the marshmallows. And while I typically recommend gel food color for the most vibrant hues, we’re in more restricted circumstances these days and I wanted to make sure that you could get everything you needed at the grocery store.

Easy Dyed Marshmallows l sherisilver.com

And those little 4-packs of liquid food color are pretty much always available in the baking aisle.

I was worried that the colors would be too faint but I was pleasantly surprised at how bright they were!

Easy Dyed Marshmallows l sherisilver.com

And they could NOT be easier to make! You’ll need 2 small bowls to hold the dye – you could even use the wells of a muffin tin. Pour a little water into each bowl – just enough so that when you submerge the marshmallow it only reaches about a third of the way up.

Add your food color – anywhere from 10 to 30 drops – and dip each marshmallow one-third of the way in. Hold it for a few seconds and then take it out, shaking off any excess liquid. If the color is not rich enough simply add more dye.

Easy Dyed Marshmallows l sherisilver.com

Place the dipped marshmallows on a parchment-lined baking sheet and repeat with as many marshmallows as you need. Let dry completely and then repeat the process on the other side, using the blue food coloring. Let dry completely and store till you’re ready to serve! I didn’t have any bars of chocolate in the house but I DID have red and blue candy melts (because: me), so I used those instead.

Easy Dyed Marshmallows l sherisilver.com

I LOVE the way they turned out! Wouldn’t these be so much fun at a picnic or barbecue this summer? And they’re easy enough for even the littlest hands to make – and those little hands are around more than ever these days!!!!

Obviously you can switch up the colors for any holiday or occasion (Halloween! Christmas! Easter!), match up school or team colors, serve up for a gender reveal – the sky’s the limit!

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Easy Dyed Marshmallows l sherisilver.com

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