this diy fridge deodorizer could not be easier!

A quick and easy DIY this week!

Fridge Deodorizer l

As a food blogger and photographer my fridge and freezer are typically very full. But these days they are packed to the gills, as we are also trying to minimize trips to the grocery store.

This weekend we decided to give the fridge a thorough cleaning before loading up on the week’s haul. Noah got involved (that’s how bored he is!), and of course I let him because we use Thieves cleaner – which is what we use all over our house!

Fridge Deodorizer l

It’s especially nice to use Thieves cleaner in the fridge because there are no weird or unpleasant smells from bleach, ammonia or other chemicals mixing with our food.

I also snapped some pictures of a fridge deodorizer that I keep on the shelf – it’s very easy!

Fridge Deodorizer l

Simply place a cup of baking soda into a wide mouthed jar. Add 10 – 20 drops of Lemon essential oil, stir and place in the fridge!

If you use a mason jar like I did you can replace the lid with a piece of cheesecloth, which you can secure with the lid ring. This is optional; it just keeps things neat in case of a spill.

Fridge Deodorizer l

Replace every 1 – 2 months.

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Fridge Deodorizer l

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