making your own diy wipes and soft scrub couldn’t be easier!

I have never been more grateful for making the switch to toxin-free products in our home than I am RIGHT NOW.

Because while I am so appreciative of the immense efforts being taken by our schools, gyms, stores, etc., to thoroughly and exhaustively deep clean (and deep clean and DEEP CLEAN), I’m ALSO concerned about the long-term effects of the exposure to this heightened level of dangerous fumes and chemicals.

So the fact that when we come home, it’s a home that is void of all of that, makes me very happy. It’s a home that smells delicious because we diffuse instead of using plug-ins and air fresheners. And we don’t have teary eyes or headaches after every “wipe down” because we’ve also eliminated every toxic and chemical-laden cleaning product and replaced them all with this:

Thieves Cleaner l

I’ve already written about the extraordinary cleaning power and versatility of this plant-based wonder. And how it also smells AMAZING to boot. In addition to the standard household cleaner that you can make with Thieves, I wanted to share two more easy DIY ideas with you today, that you can easily implement with that same bottle of Thieves and just a few simple items.

DIY Wipes l

We’re wiping down ALLTHETHINGS these days, am I right? Well you will LOVE it so much more with these homemade wipes. Here’s how to make them!

DIY Wipes l

You’ll need:

2 cups water

a roll of paper towels, cut in half and cardboard center removed

2 capfuls (2 tablespoons) Thieves Household Cleaner

10 drops Lemon essential oil (optional)

a lidded container that will hold the cut roll

Mix the water, Thieves and essential oil (if using). Pour half the mixture into the container and add the paper towels (you can put the other half roll away or make a second batch of wipes). Pour the mixture over the paper towels and secure the lid. Turn the container upside down until the paper towels are saturated.

DIY Wipes l

Pull the wipes from the middle of the roll to use.

And while I use my basic 16-ounce spray bottle for most tasks, I like to have a more heavy-duty option for deep cleaning. This “soft scrub” works beautifully and is very easy to make!

DIY Soft Scrub l

You’ll need:

1/2 cup baking soda

5 drops Lemon essential oil

2 capfuls Thieves Household Cleaner


DIY Soft Scrub l

Stir ingredients till well combined. Mixture will be crumbly at this point. Slowly add water until mixture reaches a paste-like consistency. Store in a lidded glass jar (for larger quantities simply double the ingredients).

DIY Soft Scrub l

Needless to say I also use Thieves hand soap, dish soap and dishwasher powder, but these are two easy, doable items that you can make right away and at the very least minimize the toxins pouring into your home.

If the idea of this appeals to you I’d like to make it even easier to get started. If you purchase a starter kit (either the Premium Starter Kit OR the Welcome Home Starter Kit – both of which include Lemon oil!) any time in March, I will give you a shop credit of $22 so that you can add a full size bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner to your order – for free. As I wrote in my post, this bottle makes 29 bottles of cleaner, which is an amazing value, and it also does so much more. When you sign up I will send you recipes like the ones above, to give you even more ways to use this little wonder, and you’ll soon ask how you ever cleaned with anything else.

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DIY Wipes l


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