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“off campus” – a new series!!!

Been thinking about this one for a long time.

But with Conor graduating from college next month (!!!!!!) the time was now.

Off Campus l

Much like my “dinner irl” and “101” posts, this series will focus on recipes and techniques for baking and cooking that a newly minted “adult” will want in his/her repertoire. We’re talking several notches above dorm-friendly cooking – where the typical appliances available are (at best) a microwave, hot plate or toaster oven.

Like “dinner irl” there will be recipes that are quickly and easily executed – even after a long day of work (or job hunting):

Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas l

sheet pan shrimp fajitas

Pizza Pasta l

pizza pasta

Buffalo Chicken Tacos l

buffalo chicken tacos

And, like “101”, I’ll cover basic cooking and baking techniques:

How To Make Perfect Rice l

how to make perfect brown or white rice

How to Roast Vegetables l

how to roast vegetables (and why you should!)

Perfect Breaded Cutlets l

how to make the perfect breaded cutlets

But we’re going to keep going, with tutorials for a classic yellow layer cake (which everyone should master), measuring chart equivalents (a life saver for me even to this day!) and how to work with vegetarian staples like tofu and dry beans.

Best of all I’ve created a Pinterest board that will provide easy access to all my posts, past and future. As I look at it I am so excited to share all that I’ve learned over my 30+ years of “adulting” with all of you!

What do you think? I’d love to know what types of posts, recipes and how-to’s you’d like to see here; I’ll do my best to get to them all!

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