I’m a cook. And a baker. I also take lots and lots of pictures of my cooking and baking.

So over the course of any given day my kitchen can be potentially filled with the smells of everything from lasagna to chocolate chip cookies, from mac and cheese to pb&j doughnuts.

My kitchen as WELL AS my hands.

I rarely have a day that can be dedicated strictly for baking, so I often find myself going from tasks like chopping onions to rolling a log of shortbread dough. These two things should NOT go together, which was why I was super excited when the folks at Kirk’s Soap offered to send me their new line of odor-neutralizing hand soaps.

Kirks Soap l sherisilver.com

I’ve tried pretty much every hack in the book for removing kitchen odors – lemon, toothpaste, even those stainless steel bars. Some of these worked, but none on the more stubborn smells.

Kirk’s is unique in that they use something called “natural vegetable fermentation” technology – similar to some natural deodorants – to actually eradicate (not just mask) those yucky smells.

I had the opportunity to test-run this soap on the very day I received it. I was making shrimp fajitas for dinner, and this was going to be a challenge. Not only is there a red onion to slice up, but I mix up the shrimp and veggies by hand, leaving those hands in a less-than-fragrant state.

I used the Rosemary & Sage wash and the first thing I noticed was how heavenly it smelled – really delicious yet not perfume-y at all. I tend to favor kitchen soaps that smell like ingredients you’d actually find in your kitchen and this was divine.

Next I noticed how creamy and soothing it was – my hands felt so soft afterward, and since Noah often washes his hands at the kitchen sink, I really appreciate the gentle formula.

Now for the test – were my hands truly odor-free?


I’m thrilled to have a multi-tasker on my counter, and love that I can happily support this sister- and mom-owned company.

Find more of my favor-“ettes”, along with some nifty kitchen hacks to try, on my Pinterest boards!

Note: I was not compensated for this post. Kirk’s Soap sent me their collection of hand washes to sample in exchange for an honest review. All comments and opinions are – as always – completely my own.

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